Greetings Ramís fans.

I hope the mod's are okay with posting this here.

Kudoís on a nice site (although it was a lot easier to find yaíll on the insiders). I have no idea how attached you are to the St. Louis Rams as opposed to the L.A. Rams. For those of you who have an appreciation of your teamís history I have a couple of things I would like to wagerÖ

1)A large LA Rams pennant in good condition.

2)Three football cards from 1969, all in VG condition. All Topps, Gabriel, Truax and Medfor.

3)A Ramís ďalbumĒ from 1969. This is the small one that came in Toppís football cards and you had to paste postage size cardboard ďstampsĒ into it. A wee bit worn and a wee bit dirty but still in good condition.

Rules of the wager are open for discussion, but I would prefer to bet on the division title. Iíll be happy to bet on this weekís game, that is if your feeling that my Seahawks already have an insurmountable advantage.

If you win, Iíll send you the stuff, no postage due no hassle.

If I win, well thatís the fun part. Pick what youíd like to win and make an offer, it just canít be cash (what fun would that be?). Itís solely at my discretion to whom I make a deal with. Just FYI I am a shot glass collector.

Just so you know I am an experienced ebay seller (ww_collectibles) and if you want pics let me know in this thread and Iíll email em to ya.