Did someone just catch irony in a bottle?

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This thread is just full of it my friend... but i guess few see past the smoke screen..

I agree that he probably stretched the truth.. but one doesn't say that hanzel disliked Gretel without some base facts... and lets face it there are a lot of indications that there is SOME truth to what he had said and in fact no one can prove him right or wrong at that moment in time (where there are personalities there will always be friction), .. I will reserve my judgement untill the real facts come out rather than jump on the 'FO are nuts' bandwagon only to jump on the 'we have the best FO' the next day just to follow the shephed (or whats worse the sheep that walks in front of me). After all, there is still the draft to contend with... and we know how successful we are at that !!

Are you reserving your judgment before or after you make ignorant rants and attacks about someone you do not like here at ClanRam?

Are you going to apologize for your unfortunate anti American remarks?

Are you an English Football Hooligan for Chelsea?

Are you a member of the London paparazzi?

My friend,

it is IRONIC that you are still posting on this site.

Is it ironic? that considering London, England is the capital of the Tabloid Rags and home to the Kooks that work for them, you were not able to realize that there was no smoke screen in yet another entertaining thread by AV, and yet you reacted like a hooligan!

You are not a class act and not a great representative of the UK, I feel for your family.