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    Re: Arch and the "Haslett system"

    Quote Originally Posted by sbramfan
    I'm a huge Arch fan. I bought his jersey before he ever played a down for the Rams.

    But you're either part of the problem, or part of the solution. If I had to gamble, I'd say he's part of the problem.

    He is a lot more "Coady" than he is "Polamalu".

    Signing Mediocre players will just lead to mediocrity.

    I hope we upgrade his position. Maybe Carter could be better someday. I don't know the answer, I just know that our safeties are bottom 5 in the NFL. Only shot Arch has at looking better next year is if the talent around him gets better, and that's not saying alot for him.

    Hammer meets nail. I agree 100%.

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    Re: Arch and the "Haslett system"

    I would have to assume that Haslett, whom I believe is known for an aggressive defensive scheme, likes what Archuleta brings to the table as a blitzing safety
    I'm not a big fan of his blitzes. Perhaps it was the scheme, but Arch's blitzes are typically obvious pre-snap, are slow in developing, and are easily picked up. I guess I just envision that any one could perform this same blitz. But even the blind squirrel, etc...

    He's not a safety, he's an undersized College Linebacker. Another Martz attempt that anyone can play safety. WR's, QB's, LB's, CB's. This is a specialized position that requires someone who was groomed to do this for years in college, has the speed to cover receivers AND the size and physical skills to play the run, or make a hit. It's a rare breed.

    I think we hoped Arch could be the next John Lynch, but the reality is that Arch is playing bigger than his size. He has to do that crazy workout regimine to stay NFL size. Let's put Carter in and cross our fingers that he matures throughout the year.

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    Re: Arch and the "Haslett system"

    Another Martz attempt that anyone can play safety.
    1. Arch was the top rated safety in the 2001 class by most draftniks. Others had him as the #2 safety behind Derrick Gibson. Either way, he wasn't a project, he was a legitimate round 1 safety.

    2. Lovie talked this guy up like the second coming. It was Lovie, not Martz, that coined the "next John Lynch" hype.

    3. Let's not act like Arch is crap and has always been crap. Before his back injury, Arch was one of our top defenders, and among the league leaders in tackles.

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    Re: Arch and the "Haslett system"

    I'm sorry boys, but Arch has to go. Given his propensity for concussions, and his back problems, all of which spell trouble for his continued success at the safety position in the future. I agree with GC that his pass coverage ability is marginal, and his ability to give run support is now compromised by his susceptibility to injury. I love what he brought to the team in the past, but maybe it is time to cut bait on this guy.

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    Re: Arch and the "Haslett system"

    Yeah I think Archie has to go(though it pains me to say it). He will just get severely injured and milk it for as much money as he can before he gets cut. They need to start looking for a new guy now.

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