By Jim Thomas

Adam Archuleta can recall the play before his concussion against Arizona. But the next thing he remembers is being in the locker room. Which may not be all bad, considering what transpired in a disheartening 38-28 Rams loss to the Big Red.

Archuleta was ruled out of Sunday's game against Houston early in the week and will be replaced by rookie Jerome Carter in the starting lineup Sunday.

Until now, Archuleta had missed only six games in his five- year NFL career. In 2003, he missed three games with an ankle injury. As a rookie in 2001, he missed three games because of an ankle injury and two concussions.

"It was just one of those deals, you know, helmet to helmet," Archuleta said, of the latest concussion. "Ever since my rookie year, it's never been an issue. But obviously, it was a pretty good collision. Me and Groce ended up going out."

Archuleta and cornerback DeJuan Groce both suffered concussions when they collided trying to defend a pass to wide receiver Anquan Boldin on Arizona's first offensive play of the day.

Archuleta finished the series, staying on the field for three additional plays, then was done for the day. Groce left immediately and sat out the rest of the half. But he returned in the second half, covering slot receivers as the Rams' nickel back. On Friday, Groce said he didn't remember playing in the second half.

In Archuleta's case, tests results Monday weren't normal, prompting the decision to hold him out.

"I've been a little hazy and cloudy the last couple days," Archuleta said Thursday. "I can't really tell you the significance of it. In my opinion, it's not really a big deal. But obviously, when you're messing with the brain, it probably is."

Trev Faulk to start?

Don't be surprised if Trev Faulk is the starting middle linebacker Sunday against the Texans. Faulk got almost all of the work with the starters this week instead of Chris Claiborne.

"We'll see what happens on Sunday," Faulk said. "Last year, I started like (two) games, got a little taste, but not enough. So I've been hoping to get some more action. We'll see."

Faulk's main role in two full seasons with the Rams has been special teams. He led the squad in special teams tackles last season (24), and is tied for the team lead this season (11), along with Madison Hedgecock.

Same routine for Martin

Other than getting most of the practice repetitions, Jamie Martin's work week was no different. A career backup, Martin makes his third start of the season Sunday, and just the sixth in a career that started in 1993, in place of the injured Marc Bulger.

"You don't do anything different," Martin said. "We're in the same meetings all day. Marc doesn't go to a special starters meeting that we're not invited to."

The amount of film study stays the same, too.

"We meet so much during the course of the week," Martin said. "We see everything over and over. So there's really not much more to see. Obviously, if I'm in doubt about anything, I'm going to be a little more urgent about it and make sure I know it."

McCollum gives thanks

As a 300-pound center, Andy McCollum is the first to admit he puts away a lot of food on Thanksgiving day.

"It's a sizeable amount," he said. "That's what it's there for. Isn't that what Thanksgiving's all about?"

Well, kind of. As for his Thanksgiving meal favorites. . . .

"Just the classics," he said. "I don't go with anything funky. Nice big turkey and mashed potatoes. And beans and corn. You've got to put some pies in there, too."