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Armey on KTRS

Just getting my notes together and making sure someone else didn't post it first. Not much of a note taker and sometimes things are hard to read, but here we go.......

As we already know, Truley's on the IR for the year, but no talk about a problem between him and Martz. Armey feels Pace will be back this week and with him back the Rams will have 3 solid tackles to start the year. Armey had nothing but praise for the offensive line and the way they protected on Friday Night with all the blitzs they came with.

We've heard this before, but after Friday Nights game it's pretty clear that this can be a good offensive line this year, especially once Pace gets back

Armey couldn't say enough good things about Steven Jackson and the way he runs the ball. He compared him to Marshall as a receiver and to Dickerson as a runner. But even with those comparisons he says Jackson is really his own person and does things differently than other RBs that he might be compared to. He made the comment that they (the Rams) couldn't believe Parcells let this guy slide by. He is the perfect Parcells type runner. Armey also says that Martz is so happy about this Jackson situation that he can now do things on the offensive side of the ball he could never do before.

Establish a running game?

One of the biggest surprises this preseason has been the play of Chillar. When originally scouted, Chillar looked like a player who could excell at everything he attempted on the field and so far it's been true. He's made some rookie mistakes, but overall his play has been solid. He's actually playing like anticipated but he's doing it in his rookie season. That's the big surprise.

Armey was then asked if the preseason was too long. He says there's two ways to look at it. IF you have a vet team, then yes it is too long. But for most teams, you need the time to prepare. "You only get good at this game by playing it". He is really high on the way Martz prepared this team over the last two weeks. He really believes the Rams are nearing the point of being totally ready for the beginning of the season. Says he was impressed by the Friday Night game.

The final talk was about the waiver wire. Armey says they are going to be watching the wire for good players. Interesting point, Armey claims the best teams to watch are the ones with a turnover in staff from the pervious year. He says these are the teams who most likely will cut a solid player. He says there will be a good number of solid players on the waiver wire after the last two cuts. Two interesting points, Armey says that most of the Rams that will be cut will be picked up because their scouting department is so good. And there are 79 former Rams on other teams at this point in time.