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    Is Armey out on or about june 1?

    According to howard, charley armey, who (like ziggy) has been working without a contract, may be leaving the rams on or about june 1. Rumour has him going to the giants to take over as gm when arcosi retires. Report is that mccutcheon will take over for him as gm.

    While this should not come as a surprise to anyone, if true, lets look at the potential implications. First, I believe it further solidifies martz's spot in the organization. Clearly, shaw still runs the team, however, martz would be left as not just the final decision maker on personnel issues, but also the lead guy in that area. Ziggy is basically a cap manager and contract negotiator (assuming he stays which is not a given either). Charley is way, way too good at what he does to be a powerless gm, really a glorified director of scouting. Frankly, i thought he was going to leave sooner after we denied him permission to talk to the falcons when that job was available.

    I will always consider armey as one of the great all time rams execs. He was a key component in bringing us the title and this great run over the last several years. Like don klosterman before him, he was the guy that helped put us in a position to win. Of course, he had a lot of help, but i think that there is no denying that he was a very meaningful part of both the team and the organization.

    We spend a good deal of time on this board talking about rams that left/got away that we would like to have back. While there is no salary cap that affects executives, sometimes its hard to have more than one captain of a ship and given Martz final say on player personnel decisions, this appears to be the best move for both charley and the organization. Only time will tell whether we left the right or the wrong guy in charge.

    If i was a giants fan and armey took that job i would be thrilled to death. He will help make them a winner for sure.

    ramming speed to all and a BIG ramming speed to mr. armey

    general counsel

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    Re: Is Armey out on or about june 1?

    Well Put General Counsel,if He Goes We Lose A Great Football Person In The Front Office.

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    Re: Is Armey out on or about june 1?

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel
    ... this appears to be the best move for both charley and the organization. Only time will tell whether we left the right or the wrong guy in charge.
    In the end, if it truely is, I certainly hope it didn't come down to a "him or me" type of situation. Conflict rarely emerges overnight. And if tension has been festering over the years, that fact doesn't speak well again of Shaw's leadership abilities. At this point in the season, however, regardless of the backroom antics, we have seen a tight display of team building thus far. A few more post-June 2nd moves and the team will be well-positioned going into the season's opener.

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    Re: Is Armey out on or about june 1?

    If he does leave he will be greatly missed he is an unsung hero I hope we dont miss him too much

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    Re: Is Armey out on or about june 1?

    Adarian, i will give you a different view. I think it speaks very, very highly of shaws leadership abilities that he was able to keep the team together for two or three extra years past the point where in most organizations, the egos would have blown up out of control to the detriment of everyone involved. No leader can assure that all of his senior managers get along with each other, only that they all focus on the common good, ie growth of the organization/team. Despite whatever has been festering, they ran the draft and the process of acquiring players pretty well together, while also keeping us out of cap hell.

    Sometimes an organization and peoples roles in it change over time. This has to result ultimately in some form of reassignment for someone. In this case, if this is true, charley will leave with a clean slate and without doing anything that publicly hurt the team.

    We should all have the ultimate respect for a guy that not just helped us win, but did it with class and dignity. how would any of us feel if another employer wanted to talk to us about a job opportunity and our employer denied permission to even talk to us. think you just might be a bit bitter or resentful that at the same time your job responsibilities were being cut back, your boss wouldnt even let you TALK to someone else about another job?

    Shaw held this group together until the point where it just doesnt make sense anymore and it clearly isnt fair to charley. Shaw also showed great leadership by having charley groom mccutcheon so that there is an orderly transition on the personnel side.

    Just a perspective.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Is Armey out on or about june 1?

    I am glad if he leaves ...... no

    Is it inevitable that he does ......... saddly yes

    Will he be missed ...... yes but then he will be replaced eventually, we all are.

    What gets me is this.

    Everyone aspires to more, correct?

    But when someone moves on to get more, Ram fans think there is some sort of concpiricy LOL

    People move on, I dont like it, you dont like it. Wish the man luck, thank him for all he has done for us and lets move on :king:

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    Re: Is Armey out on or about june 1?

    Heck,for all we know McCutcheon may do a bang up job as GM.Wouldnt it be something if Faulk stayed with the Rams as a coach after he retired and we had two former Ram running backs working within the organization?? :ramlogo:


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