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That's just it do we really know that? He just hit the 1 year huge payday. Does he continue to be the Atogwe that we and the RAMS are used to or does he slide at all basking in the cash?
Very good point and it is just as applicable to Bartell. If Atogwe is going to play harder for a big contract, does that mean Bartell isn't going to play as hard now that he's set for life? Has Bulger's production being in a decline since signing the massive contract a realization of this? (I don't believe it with Bulger personally, I think it's his body breaking down)

It's a different issue with OJ for me. Everyone knows you don't pay a RB a premier contract after turning 30 because old father time is standing there. For safeties it's 28. Just look around the league and historical stats and you'll see, 28 or 29 is the tipping point where safeties start a dramatic decline in production. Do the Rams let OJ walk or do they give him a contract he'll likely never live up to? OJ will be 29 next year when camp opens.

edit: I think OJ will play hard this year. The $6 million is nice but he's playing for one more major contract where he's hoping to guarantee himself around $13 million. He's not going to let up this year.