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Thread: Attacking D and Versatile O....Gonna Be Exciting In 2013 Yo.

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    Attacking D and Versatile O....Gonna Be Exciting In 2013 Yo.

    First of all, let me just say that I love the fact that we finally have a front office and a coach who get that building a football team from the lines out is the only way to go.....watching them expand from the D-Line and now the O-Line to tight ends and now skill position players is awe inspiring.

    Now for my take on the direction of our pride, The Blue&Gold.

    I have to start with the D because they are becoming our identity. Quick, in your face, and hard hitting....mmmmmhhmmmm. As far as the direction of the D and our coaches philosophy go, here's what I think Snead and Fish are doing. First of all we all know we have a studly D-Line with Long, Brockers, and Quinn....ok, so what do we do in the draft, nothing but bolster our blitz heavy gladiators. With the addition of Alec Olgeltree, an ex safety, at OLB and T.J. McDonald, an in the box punch you in the jaw safety, the Rams made it clear that in 2013 they will be attacking the crap outta QB's.

    Where am I getting this you ask, well, I am deducing from the picks that the Rams are going to blitz from multiple formations and positions, bringing smash mouth McDonald from the safety position and dropping a great coverage OlB in Olgeltree to defend the TE or slot receivers and vice versa.....oh yeah don't forget James and Dunbar. This seems to be a blitz/pressure philosophy where the idea would be to force quick short passes and play a lot of man to man which allows both Jenkins and Finnegan to do what they do best. Still worried about safety, ok in truth, I am a bit too.....but if this pressure D works, who's gonna have time to let a deep route develop before taking a whalop of a hit and a sack for a loss? Can't name one either.

    Usher in the era of Sam the Ram!! Seems almost cheatriot like what the coaches are doing. Instead of focusing on the running game, like we have with Jack forever, we let go of an aging star, The dreadlock demon, and moved towards a running back by committee philosophy with the brunt of the weight being shouldered by Bradford. First of all, you all know that Sammy boy loves his TE's right, but what else does Sam love.....the hurry up offense! So please set up the O-Line, check minus LG, and add another stud TE in Cook. We already know Kendrick's and Sam click....Cook will just add to that, while being a vertical threat. So there's Sam's first love set in stone.

    What about the hurry up philosophy? Well add Tavon Austin, a hell of a receiver with Barry Sandersesk moves, who has the ability to play out of many different positions including RB, include Cooks ability to line up at TE and in the slot and suddenly you have a personnel group that can line up in multiple formation giving the hurry up O a nice twist. Picture this, first down...2 TE, 2 WR, and 1 RB...2nd down (after a no huddle) 3 WR (with Cook in the slot,), 1 TE, and 2 RB's (with Austin in the backfield).... on to 3rd down (again, after a no huddle) 4 WR ( Givens, Austin, Cook, and Kendrick's split wide) and 1 RB. Talk about putting D's between a rock and a hard place when choosing personnel groupings that don't need subs to face that kinda attack.....oh and both Cook and Givens are deep the roof of the dome is what it looks like Fish wants to do!!

    Protect Sam, give him TE's and give him the ability to hurry up with the same personnel in multiple formations.....oh and I almost forgot!!! Add Stedman Bailey, the most underrated and over shadowed receiver in the draft, who played right behind stud muffin Tavon Austin and still racked up 114 receptions, 1622 yards and 25 TD's in 2012 alone...and ooooooooooo.....I might have a good ol fashion wet dream about it tonight!!!

    And it's only time for round 4 of 7 in this years draft....and long term the Rams still have 2 first round picks next year from the RG3 lord has the ship finally be righted or what.....the horns might as well be attached to a jet powered iron clad war vessel that can not only ram a hole in opposing teams, but also take hits and maneuver friends...we are seeing the building of an apex predator here.....amazing.....if not this year....playoffs in the next....followed by multiple deep runs.....mark my words......good lord all mighty I am getting excited. I don't know if I can wait 3 months for the first pre-season game!!!
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    Re: Attacking D and Versatile O....Gonna Be Exciting In 2013 Yo.

    Dude, I ***** every year about the Rams **** drafts, but I couldn't be more excited. I think Stedman has the opportunity to make AS big an impact as Tavon. Factor in a hard hitting safety who was the CAPTAIN of a star studded USC squad, and Ogletree who can play any LB spot.. man. This team will be good.
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    Re: Attacking D and Versatile O....Gonna Be Exciting In 2013 Yo.

    That was one glorious vision CK thanks for sharing, you got me all pumped up as well! I see the same exact thing. Excited to see what our amazing brain trust adds tomorrow! Go Rams!!!

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