By Ima Drunk

Source: WTF Sports

In a shocking development, The ClanRams AvengerRam Has been traded to WTF Sports Forums. AvengerRam recently Said that he would not Post Until Steven Jackson Reported to Camp, But we recently discovered that he has been Using the Clanrams Company Card for his own Personal Pleasures. When asked about this Report avenger Said, "I'm No Crook" We were able to Contact The Clans Admin RamDez, He said he Had No Idea what Was Going on. he also went on to say that this would not be Tolerated and he was putting Avengerram on the trade block. Only one forum was Interested. The Compensation for Such Avengerram is Only A Bag of Cream puffs. AvengerRam is Expected to Report to WTF Forums to start his new job.

Ima Drunk is a senior writer for WTF Sports. Copyright 2008. This post is not affilated with any real sports caster, therefore This poster is not bound by any legal laws that would result in a banning from the clanram. This post was for pure Entertainment and hear by ask for any negative reviews to be emailed to: