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    AvengerRamblings First Half Recap

    Here are some random mid-season thoughts:
    • At 4-4, the Rams are a disappointment, particularly when two of the losses are against the ***** and home against Seattle.
    • When Jeremetrius Butler went down, I didn't think it would be that tough to overcome. I was wrong.
    • Jamie Martin has done a reasonable job filling for Bulger, but I can't help but be disappointed in Jeff Smoker's failure to ascend to the No. 2 spot. I'd rather have a young, up-and-coming No. 2 than a career backup like Martin. Maybe Fitz will be that guy next year.
    • Steven Jackson has demonstrated two things that I, frankly, did not doubt when the season started. (1) Give him the ball 20 times per game, and he will produce, (2) He is far more durable than some gave him credit for (playing though a bruised sternum is not easy for a RB).
    • Alex Barron was the right pick for the Rams at #19. Anyone want to disagree?
    • If Terrell continues to progress and Incognito is as good as advertised, in three years we will be calling this "the most important draft" the Rams have had in decades.
    • I'm pleased with Bartell's contributions in the past two weeks, and perplexed by Atogwe's failure to do the same.
    • To toot my own draftnik horn, the guy I wanted when Atogwe was selected was James Butler of Ga. Tech. I looked foolish with that pick when Butler went undrafted, but since then he's made the Giants roster as a undrafted FA, and is now making a significant contribution on special teams and in nickel and dime packages.
    • Seattle has the upper hand, but am I the only one who looks at them as a team that is still missing something?
    • I've said all I wish to say about Mike Martz at this point.
    • I miss Isaac Bruce.
    • Not that I'd spend big FA money or a first round draft pick to get one, but wouldn't it be nice to see Bulger have a tall, athletic TE to throw to?
    • I think Marshall Faulk will announce his retirement at the end of the year.
    • Where are all those people who were singing the Cardinals' praises at the start of the year?
    • I think next week's game against Seattle is going to determine the Rams' fate. If they lose, the division's lost, and getting in as a wild card will be tough with several NFC teams ending the first half above the .500 mark.
    • Rams 30 Seahawks 27.

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    Re: AvengerRamblings First Half Recap

    Good recap Av. Hard to disagree with anything here except maybe the state of the Seahawks. They're definitely not unbeatable, but it doesn't look to me like there is much missing. They have the NFL's number one total offense and the number eight total defense. They have found a way to pull out big games against good teams, despite major injury problems. They have been able to put all the Shaun Alexander distractions behind them as well as thier past "bad boy" problems. They beat the Rams on the road. To me, they are a completely different team from last year and until some opponent proves otherwise, they are as good as any team in the NFC.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see if they really have the killer instinct and can finish off the Rams in Seattle. That would be my only question as to whether or not they are missing something.

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    Re: AvengerRamblings First Half Recap

    The would be a large statement game for both the Rams and Hawks.

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    Re: AvengerRamblings First Half Recap

    Good analysis AV.

    I think Faulk will be gone also he can get as much exercise next year watching the game at home and getting up off his couch to get a beer between quarters.


    They just are not using him enough for him to make an impact on what this team does.

    I am still reserving judgment on Jackson until after the season. I think he is good north south but left right I am not sure. I also still feel uncomfortable with his screen pass ability. If he remains healthy and starts the rest of the way out that will answer the durability issue for me. Anyway if he has a big game against Seattle I already said I would let everyone serve me a plate of crow.

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    Re: AvengerRamblings First Half Recap

    I think faulk will see more action before the year is up!


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