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    Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    Can the Rams win the West in 2012?

    Ultimately, this is the question that my “Looking West” feature will address each week. As the season progresses, the picture will become clearer.

    But what about now, before opening day… can the Rams challenge?

    Part of the difficulty in answering this question stems from the uncertainty surrounding the new Rams, who have a new coaching staff, and new starters at half the positions on the field.

    But what about the other teams?

    Seattle and Arizona are certainly flawed. Both have big question marks at the QB position and on the offensive line. The Seahawks are also thin at WR, while the Cardinals are old on defense.

    Most look at the division and see the Niners as the clear favorite. That’s fair, given their performance last year, but I don’t think they are as good as advertised. While their defense is very strong, their offense still has question marks.

    Look at last year. The Niners were +28 in turnover ratio, forcing their opponents to turn the ball over 38 times. Nonetheless, they scored less than 24 points per game due, to a large extent, on poor Red Zone execution. I have my doubts that the Niners can repeat the plus/minus performance, and if they don’t have as many short fields to work with, can Alex Smith consistently lead them on long drives?

    We’ll mull these issues over for the moment. Right now, its time to make my picks for opening week. Here’s my forecast for the NFC West games:

    St. Louis 26
    Detroit 24
    Call it homerism. Call it blind optimism. The Lions, coming off a 10-6 season, should be able to beat the Rams on their home field. I just have a hunch on this one. I think the Rams will be able to establish the run and pressure Matthew Stafford. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Green Bay 30
    San Francisco 17
    The Packers are loaded on offense, and tend to play well early in the season before the bumps and bruises start to accumulate. I also see the Packers pass rush harassing Alex Smith and forcing mistakes. The Niners will find that life’s not so easy when you can’t sneak up on other teams.

    Seattle 16
    Arizona 13
    We could call this the “Shouldn’t have paid so much for that backup QB” Bowl, as Kevin Kolb and Matt Flynn start the season on the sideline watching QBs drafted in the 5th (John Skelton) and 3rd (Russell Wilson) start the game. Both will struggle on offense, and Seattle’s defense is stronger, so I have them getting an important road win within the division.

    Projected Standings
    Seattle 1-0 (1-0)
    St. Louis 1-0 (0-0)
    San Francisco 0-1 (0-0)
    Arizona 0-1 (0-1)

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    Well, you alllllmost have me convinced. I hope you're right but I have my doubts. About our RAMS winning this Sunday that is.

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    Cool predictions, but I think we're going to start off slow, being a young team.

    If we miss on any fundamentals, the Lions will make us pay.

    Have to agree with GB over SF. They play hard, but you just can't count on turnovers and I think it's going to be hard for them to contain the Packers.

    I also have to think that the Seahawks can beat the Cardinals in what will be a close game whatever the score.

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    MMMMMMmm, twenty-six points. That's two td's and four fg's. One td by the offense and one by the defense then.

    Let's go to work.

    (although true, we need a new slogan.)
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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    Or we could do 3 TD's 1 FG and 1 safety that would be fun too. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I think Ram Nation could really use an opening week win. Even if it's a long season, I'd love to keep the naysayers at bay until at least week 4 or 5.

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 1


    The Lions may be a very aggressive defense but I would not call them a stingy defense. They will and do give up points. That being said we only averaged a whopping 12.1 PPG. I do see us scoring 21 plus this weekend, not sure we can hold the Lions to 17 or less.

    Really looking forward to the Packers, 9ers game. I see the Packers forcing them to try and score a ton of points. Not sure the 9ers have added the weapons to hang with them. This is not your daddy's Randy Moss. 9ers 0-1

    Cards, Hawks we can't loose... hoping the Cards can use the home opener to pull off the upset. This is a game the Hawks have already checked off as a win. If they lose, they may have a QB controversy brewing and that would be great. Pete Carroll has yet to have a winning record as a pro HC. Year three he is under the gun IMO. I hope he crashes and burns and they have to start over.
    Card defense stops the rookie in his debut.

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    Anything can happen in the NFL, even the 2011 Rams blowing out the Saints. Freakish events do occur, but the Rams beating the Lions would be a freakish occurance. I have a feeling the Rams are going to get their doors blown off.

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    Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    My thoughts about the NFC west this weekend and though out the season....

    I think the Rams, Cards and Hawks will all be vying for position. Unfortunately, that position will be second place. The whiners should win the division by a two game, or three games margin. They will come back a bit from last year, but they should win the division.

    This weekend?

    When the dust settles, the Hawks will sit atop the division for at least one week because I don't see the Whiners or Rams winning. I think my original score prediction of a Rams blowout might be a bit premature if the betting pros in Vegas are any indication. From a Vegas source inside the sports betting world, many well-respected bettors are laying heavy money on the Rams to cover, AND possibly pull the upset. So much is being laid on the Rams, the spread has moved as much as 2-points. That's a big swing in Vegas. The big boys know something.

    That being said, the Rams may make it interesting, but I'm still expecting a Lions victory.

    Hawks win.
    Rams, Whiners and Cards lose in week one.

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    I am simple guy. I "simply" want a much better showing in week 1 of 2012 then I saw in week 1 in 2011 against the Eagles on national TV. Is that too much to ask for??

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    The Lions are missing their #1 CB and the best player in their seconday, #1 FS. They now have Jacob Lacey (outcast from Indy) and Bill Bentley (rookie 3rd rounder) starting. This should be an absolute FIELD day for Bradford and Amendola. The only way Detroit stops us is if their pass rush is un-stoppable. We leave in a TE and RB to chip on DE's, and our WR's will easily embarress their options at CB. Not to mention we have a 3 headed RB attack, with SJ leading the way ferociously.

    Bradford - 21/31, 285 yards, 3 TD's, 0 INT's.
    SJ - 21 attempts, 109 yards, 1 TD

    LETS GO!!!

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    Full disclosure, I'm a niners fan.

    Detroit 31
    St. Louis 16

    St. Louis may be on the right track, but Detroit has a great D-Line and the Rams' O-Line can't block. The Madden curse may hit Calvin Johnson this year, but probably not in week 1.

    Green Bay 27

    San Francisco 24

    San Francisco returns all of its starting defense from last year, and the combination of Aldon Smith and Justin Smith (both Missouri Tigers) harass the left side of the Packers O-Line. However, the Pack is good enough at home in week 1 to win the game.

    Arizona 20
    Seattle 17

    This is the biggest upset of the week, for me. I'm not sold on a rookie QB (5' 10.625") playing in week 1, on the road, against a good defense. Skelton throws a couple of balls deep and Larry Fitzgerald makes a couple of amazing grabs, while Patrick Peterson has a big game, both on returns and picks.
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