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    Av's "Looking West" - Week 2

    Aaaaand,weíre back!

    I had a nice break from the banter, and Iím ready for Week 2!

    I had a rough week of picks (0-3), but Iím feeling good about this weekend's games.

    My picks:

    Rams 24
    Redskins 21
    I think that RGIII will find the going a bit more difficult as the season progresses and teams start to game plan for him. The Rams have a better set of DBs than the Saints, and if they can keep him in the pocket, I think heíll make mistakes. I also doubt the Rams will have such a poor run/pass ratio as the Saints had last week (10 rushing attempts, 52 passes).

    Niners 23
    Lions 20
    This will be a sloppy, defensive battle. Thatís what the Niners want, even with their new offensive weapons. Alex Smith is going to get hit a lot this week, though, and that could be dangerous for San Francisco.

    Cowboys 31
    Seahawks 17
    The Seahawks were over-rated by many before the season started. While they have some talent on defense, they wonít contain Dallasí offense. This could be the last start for Russell Wilson before Matt Flynn takes over.

    New England 38
    Arizona 13
    This one could be very ugly. Kevin Kolb gets the start by default, but I donít expect heíll do much to hold the job. The Patriots are always tough early in the season, and this wonít be an exception.

    Projected Standings
    San Francisco 2-0 (0-0)
    Arizona 1-1 (1-0)
    St. Louis 1-1 (0-0)
    Seattle 0-2 (0-1)
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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 2

    I like your picks and scores. I see the Whiners beating the Lions by a wider margin though.

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 2

    I think the Rams will be the only NFCW team to win this weekend.

    The division will look like this:

    Rams 1-1
    Weiners 1-1
    Cards 1-1
    Seahawks 0-2
    Restoration complete

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 2

    Had no idea that the Saints only ran the ball 10 times, thats a bit too pass happy...
    Would love to see the Hawks 0-2 facing the packers in week three.

    San Francisco 1-1
    Arizona 1-1
    St. Louis 1-1
    Seattle 0-2

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 2

    Rams need to get a W this week!!!

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 2

    I see the Rams losing, the Niners losing, and Seattle winning.

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" - Week 2

    My predictions were 2-1 last week - though, as a niners fan, I was happy to see them beat my expectations, and I'll take the result, even if it means I'm not perfect

    Washington 23
    St. Louis 13

    While I think the Rams will play RG3 a little tougher than the Saints did, and will be a little more ready, I'm not sure there is enough film on him for the staff to really game-plan well. If this game were being played a couple of weeks from now, my prediction might be different, but I think he may be too much of an unknown quantity at this point. However, ultimately I think this battle will come down to the matchup of Washington's D-Line and the Rams' O-Line, which is a bit banged up. If they can keep Bradford upright and open holes for Jackson, then St. Louis can win this game, I'm just not sure that they will be able to do that this week.

    San Francisco 30
    Detroit 23

    Last year, when these two teams played, a lot was over-shadowed by "the handshake". However, what will not be forgotten by Detroit's D-Line is that the interior of SF's O-Line made them look simply foolish, leaving Suh without a solo tackle, and not allowing either Suh or Williams to record a sack. Frank Gore rushed for 141 yards on 15 carries (9.4 avg), most of this coming straight up the middle. This year, Detroit's secondary is extremely thin, so I think there are just too many ways for SF to move the ball for the Lions to stop.

    Dallas 21
    Seattle 19

    Seattle is a tough place to play for any team, and Romo has had a tough time here. I also think there is the possibility of Wilson being too much of an "unknown" to plan against. However, Dallas has had a long time to prepare for Seattle, and are clearly the better team. While Arizona has a good defense, I believe the Cowboys' is even better, and I just don't see Wilson doing much against them. Lynch may have a good game between the 20's, but field goals will be the primary means of scoring for the Hawks, and I just don't see that being enough.

    New England 24
    Arizona 13

    Kolb is not a winning QB. Tom Brady is. New England's defense looked pretty darn good last week, but Arizona's defense is no joke either. While I think Arizona's defense will keep them in the game for a little while, their offense is just terrible, and I just don't see them pulling the extreme upset on one of the three best teams in the league.

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