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    Av's "Looking West" (Week 6)

    Current Standings
    San Francisco 4-1 (1-0)
    Seattle 2-3 (1-1)
    Arizona 1-4 (0-1)
    St. Louis 0-4 (0-0)

    I was a 2-1 last week. But for a very bad throw by Eli Manning, I could have been 3-0. The Niners win did not surprise me, but the margin certainly did. I think that was a bit of a fluke, and suspect that San Francisco will come back down to Earth very soon.
    Av's Prediction Meter: 10-7 (.588).

    Week 6 Predictions

    Packers 41 Rams 27
    While I do think a well-rested Rams' offense should be able to move the ball, particularly through the air, against the Packers' defense, I just don't see the Rams' DBs slowing down Aaron Rodgers and company. As much as I'd like to throw out the old "any given Sunday" line, I just don't see the Rams pulling this one out.

    Lions 31 Niners 17
    The Lions are on a roll and will be at home. The Niners offense, predicated on avoiding mistakes, will be under heavy pressure. Detroit is for real, folks.

    Cardinals (bye)

    Seahawks (bye)

    Projected Standings
    San Francisco 4-2 (1-0)
    Seattle 2-3 (1-1)
    Arizona 1-4 (0-1)
    St. Louis 0-5 (0-0)

    The hole gets a little deeper for the Rams this week. Hope for a second half run is not gone, but it is fading. Still, I do think the Rams will stay in the mathematical race well into November, at least.

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" (Week 6)

    Bye Bye Birdies and c'mon Lions beat the tar out of the Whiners!

    As much as I'd like to see our boys beat the Pack, I just don't see it!

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    Re: Av's "Looking West" (Week 6)

    Time to can this season and prepare for next year : P

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