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Thread: Awaken!

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    Shale Guest


    :: yawn ::

    :: stretch ::

    Oh hey guys ... guess who's back

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    Re: Awaken!

    Just where have you been?

    Welcome back from your sleeping sickness.

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    Re: Awaken!

    shhhh,If everyone keeps quiet, maybe he will leave again

    Welcome back K

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    Shale Guest

    Re: Awaken!

    Not going to happen this time boss ... just starting a new job and have tons of free time (at least for a few weeks).

    Just where have you been?
    Life was hectic this last couple of weeks. I was transitioning off a new job and doing a lot of stuff getting ready to move into the new house (we get the keys on Tuesday yipee!!)

    On top of that, I have been scrambling setting up the fantasy football league that I commision. I never do things easy and we do a keeper auction league that just sucks the life out of me for the month before the season starts.

    I'm back though ... and ready to see the Rams tear up the season!


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