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    Lightbulb Az Hakime Conspiracy Continues

    Once again, Az "the human peice of cancer" Hakeim has probably increased his bank account two-fold this week. Doesn't anybody find it slightly odd that this peice of cancer can fumble 300 times in one season. Hmmmmmm. When is the RAMS orginization going demand an investigation of his money transactions and possible dealings with "freinds" in Vegas!!!!!!

    One would literally have to try to drop this many punts in a season. People, this is most likely NO ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!

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    Wink Not that far...

    No, not a collaborator or part of any consipiracy. I wouldn't go that far. Sure, it makes you wonder what in the world is going on! But dropping the ball intentionally is not part of the possibilities in Rams world.

    It is simply a Hakimian definition of weakness, it is his worst professional fault. And something has been done about it this Moday morning. Coach Martz finally took the much anticipated action on No. 81.
    GO RAMS!!! :lid:

    PS: Welcome to the Clan K-Ram! Enjoy the best NFL site in the world...

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