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    Is bad better than mediocre?

    Is bad better than mediocre?

    Maybe, for this team, right now, it is.

    A mediocre team might squeak in the playoffs, bringing false hope. A bad team will not.

    A mediocre team will retain players who should be replaced. A bad team will not.

    A mediocre team will keep coaches who might not be the answer. A bad team will not.

    In a strange way, the way this league works, a bad team may be closer to becoming a good team than a mediocre team is.

    I hate to see the Rams this way. But, at least, I have the hope that the organization will finally realize that the GSOT days are truly over, and a new contender must be built.

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    Re: Is bad better than mediocre?

    AR - you've shown admirable restraint in not strting a thread entitled "How do you like Vitt now?"

    That said, I like Martz too, but in all honesty, will not be sad if he moves on, which looks likely.

    I really feel that five years of not paying attention, (to the point of flat out ignoring), turnovers and penalties and ST's has been the main reason for our demise.

    And, while I don't totally buy reports of Martz's insecurity, with his choice of Marmie, (a friend), he signed his own death warrant. Marmie is the most worthless DC in the history of the NFL. Period. And he'd already proved it at Arizona.

    Look what Coughlin did in NY, (Eli Manning notwithstanding). Discipline, discipline, and more discipline. it's working.

    I don't buy the "we don't have the defensive talent" crap either. We've had some injuries, and our secondary's young, but they're just not coached well. DTs, (except Pickett), really are worthless.

    I don't write here often, but this was overdue. I just feel like Martz was literally living in a (past glory) dream world, believing he could overcome everything with his offensive genius.

    Anyway, enough venting, (and congratulations Lovie!)
    "the Heart Lies and the Head Plays Tricks with us, but the Eyes See True".


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