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    Bad News on Butler?

    Nothing to report, but one item of extreme interest was brought out on our own H Balzers sunday football program. It seems that the agents for strong safety James Butler, the Rams next interest in free agency, is represented by none other that the infamous Poston brothers, whose antics with Orlando Pace before he got smart and canned them has made the Rams stay away from their clients on draft day ever since.

    To me, that's almost a deal breaker, because they probably won't let him sign until every safety has and a market is set.

    They love to see guys overpaid and then they can say their guy is better. They saw Dawkins deal and they set that as his number a year I bet.

    Kiper doesn't rate the guy that high, and if you play in NY and aren't thought of as a star there, you probably are average at best.

    He has upside, but I'd go older and short term at SS and keep using what we have left to fill in in situations before I'd over pay here. Pretty soon Farren SHarper signs if he hasn't already, and the Postons sit and wait like always.

    The only way that changes is if Butler makes it happen, but the Postons get their guys believing their BS.

    I stay on Bartell, because feeding the Postons daily just makes them hold out more. The only way is to wait them out and really see the market, but risk losing the guy anyway. It's really in James hands on this, and if he really loves Spags, he'll make it happen at the real market, or a bit over perhaps.

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    Re: Bad News on Butler?

    Thanks for the insight Barry.... as soon as it was mentioned that the postons were Butlers agents, I thought CRAP thats that then, maybe like has been said start to look aswhere...for safety help

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    Re: Bad News on Butler?

    Are the postons related to the chuckle brothers. They just seem a joke to me, all I hear is bad news, it's sad that players beleave the BS. As soon as I read Postons, thats all I needed.

    Its not gonna be too hard to get an upgrade on Chavous. Thats the good news I guess!!!
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    Re: Bad News on Butler?

    Who knows what Demoff's relationship is like with the Postons? This one looks pretty simple to me. The Rams have made him an offer. If he doesn't find a better one he'll probably sign it.

    The Rams in the past had issues with Harold Lewis as well, who is Jason Brown's agent. Lewis represented Kevin Carter during the contentious negotiations that led to his eventual trade. Lewis got down and dirty with that one in the media and the Rams didn't like dealing with him much. But there are different people involved now so those past troubles may no longer apply.

    The Rams seem to be willing to be patient on this. Devaney has said they have backup plans in the event Butler and Bartell sign elsewhere, but they won't go there until or unless that happens.

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