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    Re: Balzer on Cowher/Marty

    The BIG picture IS:

    With a franchise that has trouble filling the stadium, can't even get the fans who go to the stadium to join in the spirit and become even a notable 12th man, It seriously needs to turn itself around soon.

    With Buffalo planning to enter the Canadian market already NFL fans from Canada will promtly start picking up the cheer for a team that is willing to come here and play, in hopes of having a Canadian Franchise. This being said the reprecussions for the entire league could be huge. This will mostly affect teams that have been struggling to keep its "loyal" fanbase loyal and attending games.

    Unless the Rams can pull a superstud NFL HC out of there... donkey, who can turn the team around, then the Rams may find its distant northern fanbase quickly diminishing. I say this because not only with our Coaching staff, but the player personel we currently have, is not to be considered a playoff/superbowl contending team. We have way too many holes at way too many positions.

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    Re: Balzer on Cowher/Marty

    Joe Torre. I recommended him a few days ago but the Rams FO is still thinking about it. Politics!

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    Re: Balzer on Cowher/Marty

    You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Jack Nicholson gets my vote.

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