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    BamRam Guest
    Originally posted by Moosey56
    So why not trade him for draft picks or a younger player?
    I have no problem with using him in a trade for picks or other players. I do have a problem with saying that we should play him as a starting CB just because he makes too much money to play Nickel Back. If he stays on the team then he should NOT play in front of Bly.


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    Moosey56 Guest
    I agree, I think Dre' is a better Corner.

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    rams=nfl1 Guest
    I used to think we could get a pick for him. But after the playoffs the only pick we could get is a 7th

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    DJRamFan Guest
    yeah, he isn't going to be traded, not only will it be difficult to find someone that would give the rams a reasonable deal, the way the cap works it's increasingly difficult to actually work trades out.

    Cut him next offseason before the March 1 deadline.

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    Moosey56 Guest
    What happens if we just release him???

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    huntdux Guest
    Cap hit, I'm sure, but I have no idea how bad.

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    Moosey56 Guest
    Just checked out the mock draft HUNTDUX was talking about..Show a CB in the second bad that was a LB Trev Faulk

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