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    Barron's SNAFU's

    I am not going to get down on the kid after he had one of his worse outings as a rookie. Instead I am going to say, after having some HUGE mental laps, he kept his head in the game a opened up some really nice wholes and keep a hell of defensive line off Martins back.

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    Re: Barron's SNAFU's

    Rookie Mistakes Will Happen, This Kid Is Going To Be Really Good,he Has Stabalized The Right Tackle Postion For Us.

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    Re: Barron's SNAFU's

    yeah, those consecutive penalties took me back to the days with st. clair, but barron looked good for the vast majority of the game...

    i think he'll be a pro-bowler by his third or fourth year...

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    Re: Barron's SNAFU's

    Bottom line: Barron is just going to get better with each game. He got rattled today but he is SO much better than anything we have had for a long time. Thank the Lord that we have him! ( And to think that i wanted the Rams to draft Thomas Davis instead ....for shame!)

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    Re: Barron's mistakes

    Good observation, Maui.

    Barron went through a few growing pains today, but he gets a pass because he has had so few of those during his first few games as a starter. Barron bounced back from those bad penalties and was solid again pass blocking. He continues to improve as a run blocker also. With Orlando Pace and Barron as the bookends, the future of the offensive line looks bright. --Nick Wagoner

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    Re: Barron's SNAFU's

    He was also going against Hayward, who is in Top 5 in the NFL for sacks. He did very good against a good DE.

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    Re: Barron's SNAFU's


    I was biting at the bit when I saw Mr. Barron commit those errors so close together, but I was able to spread out time and see that he has done an amazing job during his short time here. He made up for his blunders and you know what? I'm not going to call him a 'kid' because he plays like a 'grown-a' man! He held off those seasoned pros rushing at Mr. Martin and gave protection all day with only a small breakdown.

    Keep your head up, Mr. Barron! I'm glad that you weren't hurt in Training Camp or Preseason.

    Go Rams!


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