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    Barron's still learning

    By Jim Thomas
    Monday, May. 15 2006

    Kind of a quiet guy?

    Cornerback Tye Hill wasn't the only first-round draft pick participating in the
    Rams' minicamp over the weekend.

    Also working Saturday and Sunday was offensive tackle Alex Barron, the Rams'
    No. 1 selection in 2005. So what was Barron doing at a so-called "rookie"

    "Just working, Boss," Barron teased a reporter. "You never stop getting better.
    I'm just working on some things. Some technique. Trying to get the new plays
    down. Stuff like that."

    In truth, coach Scott Linehan asked all members of the 2005 draft class to
    participate in the minicamp, along with the 2006 draft class, rookie free
    agents and assorted other young players. Technically, this minicamp was
    voluntary, but Barron and the new coaching staff thought it would be a good
    thing for the right tackle to get in extra work.

    "To me, you've got to learn everything all over again as far as plays and
    stuff," Barron said. "It's a different type of system. Some of the plays are
    the same, but the pieces are different. And (Mike) Martz and Linehan are two
    different people. So it's an adjustment to (Linehan's) style of play."

    One message that Linehan's impressed on the 2005 draft class is that they must
    prove themselves again. Barron wants to take it a step further, and "im-prove"
    himself following a solid but not overwhelming rookie campaign.

    Barron missed the first two games of 2005 due to a contract stalemate. He
    missed 19 days of training camp and 21 full-squad practices. He missed two
    games in December following surgery to repair ligament damage in his thumb. But
    he still started 11 games, the most for a Rams rookie offensive lineman since
    Tom Newberry started 14 in 1986.

    "He played very well for a rookie," Linehan said. "Obviously, being a
    first-round pick, you expect a lot out of a guy. What he showed was that he was
    a rookie at times.

    "But when he settled down and started playing well, he was very technically
    sound and was a lot more competitive maybe than the impression he gives you,
    because he's kind of a quiet guy."

    Kind of a quiet guy?

    In terms of conversation, Barron is a gentle giant, very similar to left tackle
    Orlando Pace when Pace came into the NFL. During the just-completed minicamp,
    Barron turned to a team official after running a series of wind sprints and
    joked, "Dana's trying to kill us," in reference to head strength and
    conditioning coach Dana LeDuc.

    ("That's the most I've ever heard him say," remarked the team official.)

    Unless he's prodded by reporters or coaches, that's practically a filibuster by
    Barron. Perhaps Barron is coming out of his shell as he enters his second NFL
    season. And contrary to his image coming out of Florida State, he wasn't a shy
    or reserved rookie in 2005.

    "He's a very tough competitor," Linehan said. "That's what you don't see until
    you get him out here competing. And he's very prideful. So that was obviously a
    good thing for us to find out about the guy."

    Watching game film of Barron from last year, as well as watching him during two
    minicamps, drove those points home to Linehan and offensive line coach Paul

    "I think he had a knock on him in college," Boudreau said. "Maybe it was
    because he's quiet, because he's laid back, they tag him as not being physical,
    or being lazy, or whatever. I don't see that. When you watch him play, you
    don't see any of that. And sometimes, college coaches, they tend to generalize
    on guys. And then the word of mouth (goes through) scouts throughout the

    But Boudreau, then working for Jacksonville, initially saw that this wasn't the
    case while putting Barron through workouts at Florida State's pro day before
    the 2005 draft.

    "In Alex's case, he can be physical when he wants to be physical," Boudreau
    said. "We want him to be physical on a more consistent basis. Not to the point
    where he's cheap and doing stupid stuff. But he's got to play on the edge a
    little bit."

    In terms of athleticism, footwork, and wingspan, Barron has everything you
    would want at the tackle position. What the Rams would like is more power - to
    help in run blocking and to better handle the bull rush as a pass blocker.

    "I think his progress in the weight room has been good," Boudreau said. "I
    think Dana is keeping track on him, as far as where his body fat was, where his
    strength was a year ago, to now. He has shown improvement."

    The task is to transfer that weight room strength into functional strength on
    the football field.

    "Now, the big thing is about technique, taking that added strength and power
    and putting it into a football stance, putting it in a football position, where
    he doesn't get himself in situations where he's soft on the edge," Boudreau

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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    Re: Barron's still learning

    I think they seem to have Barron`s ability in context,yes he showed that he was a great pick for us last year and i think he will become one of the great OT`s in the NFL but he`s far from the finished article and both himself and the Rams coaching staff realise this and that for him to become one of the best there is plenty of hardwork ahead of him!

    he has a great frame but i to think he needs to fill out abit and gain more strength especially for the running game which im sure he will do in time!


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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Barron's still learning

    I think also this guy will be special. Hopefully he will learn the Snap Count so he doesn't jump offsides all the time

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    Re: Barron's still learning

    Hey Barron, a little hint that will help you out tremendously. Make SURE you know what the snap count is BEFORE leaving the huddle.

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    Re: Barron's still learning

    What is cool about this kid, is that when Pace is ready to retire or at least slow down (move to the right side) Barron can take over the left spot with his size and experience. Barron just might the steal of the 2005 draft.

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    Re: Barron's still learning

    Im glad that he wants to get better!! and comes to the rookie mini camp

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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    Re: Barron's still learning

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith
    What is cool about this kid, is that when Pace is ready to retire or at least slow down (move to the right side) Barron can take over the left spot with his size and experience. Barron just might the steal of the 2005 draft.
    spot on and even if Pace dont move to RT before he retires, a decent new RT is a lot easier to find than a decent LT,just ask the large amount of teams that aint got one,let alone be as lucky as us to have two!

    To me if you aint got a good Left Tackle you aint gonna have a good offense,no matter who you get at QB,RB,WR etc...!

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    Re: Barron's still learning

    I like Barron, I think he's gonna be really good in the years to come!
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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