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    Barry's Blog Week 3

    Well, I DID say when EVERYONE says you will lose, in the NFL, that all too often means exactly the opposite....

    Folks, I thinks we gots us a QB. Of course I've been saying that since the doctors said Sam Bradford was healthy this spring. He has a great name even.

    ANYONE from St. Louis KNOWS there is NO ONE this town likes beating more than the Redskins, and NOT just because they are still the most offesnive team name in the history of sports, yet one that gets away with it still.

    What a resilient effort, coming back after so many horrific calls and mistakes.

    The backup backs stepped up big time, obviously inspired by Jax, but the line and tight ends were opening up holes.

    This should have been an absolute rout by the Rams, but hey, we'll take a relative laugher.

    Go ahead and blitz Sam all you want NFL defensive coordinators. He's starting to like it... a lot.

    Anyone doubting Spagnuolo's defensive abilities and leadership should put it to bet and start enjoying the ride here. I think it's gonna be fun, but not instantaneous.

    How about those Niners, getting absolutely snuffed out in KC. Congrats to the Chiefs. Singletary has lost his team... clearly, and where does he go from here emotionally??

    What a job by the available DTs today, as well as the starting corners.

    I LOVE Mark Clayton, and if they don't sign him for a few years they are not very smart.

    Just catch it Brandon.

    Fred Robbins was a HUGE addition to this team. Who needs Suh !!!

    Laurinaitis was a monster all day long

    And how abouit that Fendi Onabun. Got jobbed out of a TD at the half, but !!!!!!
    Life is good.

    There are 3-4 great teams in the NFL. Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, New Orleans, maybe Green Bay, but after that seems like anyone can beat anyone.

    And behind Vick, Philly may be the team to beat in the East.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Barry's Blog Week 3

    Hey - Hey - Great to get a win!!

    So many big plays and the D really stepped up in spite of the injuries.

    Hopefully Jackson's injury is not serious.

    I think it is finally starting to come together. Now they begin the process of learning how to win. Let's start a winning streak.


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    Re: Barry's Blog Week 3

    Obviously this is just what our players needed. Now they know they can win and win against a very worthy opponent. Get the losing feeling out of their minds and bodies. We could easily be 3-0........I'm really starting to believe that our team is better than I thought!!!!!

    WAY TO GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Barry's Blog Week 3

    It is great to watch a win, a 14 point lead, and McNabb looking frustrated.
    The rams worked through mistakes and penalties to win this game.

    Lots of points...bradford looking composed. Very nice.

    I really was surprised to see it though. I guess we now have tied last year's record of one win.

    Great to see you back in here ferter. Stick around. I miss your posts.

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    Re: Barry's Blog Week 3

    ANYONE from St. Louis KNOWS there is NO ONE this town likes beating more than the Redskins,
    You're kidding right? Never heard anything of the sort.

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