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    Barry's Blog Week 4

    Reminiscent of the Rams win over the Niners in 1999 that broke another long losing streak against a hated foe.

    First off, can people finally start giving Steven Jackson the respect he deserves, giving credit to his faith for his ability to even play, and giving it all he had for his team, and it IS his team, as far as leadership.

    A dominating defensive effort, with veterans Fred Robbins, playing at Pro Bowl level all year, leading the way. with a host of others, including James Hall, James Laurinaitis, Brad Fletcher, Craig Dahl (making key plays and blocks on returns), and others joining in.

    Louis Murphy was spectacular on return coverage, and looks like a really nice draft pick who will be the nickel back full time soon.

    Danny Amendola is just so solid, and looks likean average guy in gym shorts, you just root for guys like him. A steal for Billy Devaney, and the Rams PR/ possession receiver for the next 5 years at least.

    Mark Clayton, who I interveiewed last week for an upcoming issue of Gridiron Gateway Magazine, has instantly become one of my all time favorite guys wearing the horns. He is an instantly likeable, real, introspective, smart, friendly, cool man, who should be signed ASAP to a long term deal. He has brought so much more with him than just what he has shown on the field, on pace for an 80 catch 1200 yard 8 TD season.

    He has Ike Bruce hands and feet, and has fumbled exactly ONE time in his career. Pretty impressive for just over a month with the offense.

    How about the contributions from young guys like Selvie and SIms today, again nice drafting Devaney.

    Bradford looked like a rookie at times today, maybe a bit too pumped up, but some of his passes were things of beauty in the clutch. Got a route undercut on the red zone INT, a very similar play to his first pick against Arizona, again a pretty good catch by the stud rookie safety Thomas. But you cannot complain at all about his total game.

    Again, ridiculous officiating tainted a perfect day, IN OUR HOME FIELD !!

    That starts with the unsportsmanlike call on AMendola, who was tackled way out of bounds on the play, saifd nothing, but SPUN THE BALL, as you see all the time, as he went back toward the field, the defensive player BEHIND HIM.

    Fortunately, the football Gods sent the Rams to a TD anyway.

    And what about the obvious offside on Clemons that went uncalled and led to a loss, and then a picked up flag that would have turned a 4th and 1 into a 4th and 6 for Seattle. They dropped the pass anyway, so again, football Gods.

    The illegal contact on Grant and the motion call on Darcy Johnson were very mamby pamby as well.

    Nice Harry High School stuff by Pete Carroll, hope your kicker doesn't get killed doing that. Nasty gash on the head for Kevin Dockery on that fake, by the way.

    Hasselbeck didn't look like he wanted to be out there the second half, as is his history when busted up a bit.

    Gotta score on these long returns !!!!!

    The crowd was into it and I think it really kept the D focussed for 60 minutes.

    Oh and Leon Washington, if you are gonna come out in pre-game and talk trash and get in the face of our PUNTER (Who by the way could no doubt kick your tiny butt), ya might want to back it up.

    The Rams gave you TOO much respect, especially that second half starting disaster of a pooch kick.

    Gale Sayers, you ain't, but as an ex-Jet, what would one expect.

    Now on to Detroit, and they should be 3-2, and in first place in a week, but they CANNOT take any game for granted, and I don't think SPags will let that happen!! This guy is a really good coach, so get behind what he is doing here NOW !!

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Barry's Blog Week 4

    Detroit will be a tough game for us- trust me. First off, they are improved. Secondly, they are coming off a tough two point loss to the Packers- a rival who many feel might be the best team in the NFC. Third, Detroit is playing at home. And fourth, don't think they have forgotten that they gave us our lone win last year.

    For now, I will revel in our second win in a row- a nice team effort with a lot of positives.

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    Re: Barry's Blog Week 4

    "Louis Murphy was spectacular on return coverage"


    The rest of the article wasn't bad though, lol.

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    Re: Barry's Blog Week 4

    i think you mean jerome murphy.

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    Re: Barry's Blog Week 4

    Great to hear from you Barry........So proud of the BOYS!!! can't stop smiliing!!!!

    "The breakfast Club"

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    Re: Barry's Blog Week 4

    With the Cards loss, and the tie-breaking win over the seachickens, the RAMs are now in first place of the NFCWest.


    EDIT: OOOPS Strike that. I forgot the Cards had two wins. Looks like we are second of a three way tie for first.
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