Well, normally I'd say, well at lest no one got hurt, after a blowout loss (And they happen frequently on road games in the NFL), but the loss of Mark Clayton puts things in better perspective.

Sure Mardy Gilliard has to step up now, as do the others who have dropped too many passes. Getting Illini Mike back helps, look to see lots of he and Fells in the passing game, and Jax looks like he's ready to start rolling, and that means more GOOD passing plays to him as well.

Still, losing Clayton, and the big plays he gave Sam Bradford, I'd say it's two to three losses they may have won with Clayton.

But hey, no one expects this team to become more than it is now, at least to the point of making a playoff run. Winning the West would give them one game, it's as simple as that.

It will be interesting to see how they bounce back against a really uphill battle against San Diego, but hey, this is a road game for them. Rivers is among the best, so we'll see how that plays out, and now they have their LT back, t hough McNeill may be rusty.

Gotta stop the running game, and the Chargers have thr ee good backs, and you gotta control Sproles. Our ST have to come up big.

Yes, Damario Alexander is now active, but he'll no doubt sit and just practice for another month, barring some miracle, because they signed him to a 4 year deal and don't want him getting hurt because they are desperate.

Teams are running fast offense against the Rams to keep them from substituting and getting the right blitz packages in. That means they have to get front four pressure, and last week a good Lions line stopped that completely.

All that red zone success the Rams have had on D went away last week, and this week, with Gates in the game against them, they have to stop SD before they cross the 30. In the red zone, he will destroy them.

Malcolm Floyd is a big time deep threat, so they better be ready for him, as well as GAtes on the post routes.

The Rams will have to score 25-30 again to have a shot. And even then they have to play keep away with Rivers &Co.

That means Bradford and Jackson have to come up big.

Should have Clif Ryan back this week to help that line play.

Still 5000 or so tickets left, so looks like the first blackout, too bad, good tailgating weather this time of year, so come on down .