...we're going 9-7, and I'll be OK with that. IMO it's a huge improvement, based on last year and implementing a new system.

Record is based on splitting with the NFC West, beating the Lions, Packers, Raiders and Chiefs, and losing to the Chargers, Vikings, Panthers and Bears.
Only iffy games I see are Chiefs and Vikings, making 8-8 and 10-6 possibilities.

I know, hardly earth-shattering, but I have a few comments based on what I've seen so far. If we're 4-4 at the break, with a 2-3 game winning streak, I'll lean WAY over towards 10 and 6: our line will have jelled, Jackson will have retired his dancing shoes, (don't mis interpret - I LOVE the guy), Marc will have regained his footing, will be comfortable with the shotgun, and in conjunction with his receivers, will realize they can help each other out. Butler'll be back, Reed'll be playing safety, and Hill will have 4 INT's.

At this point, I really don't have any harsh criticisms of the team, (homer that I am ), other than to say we're not as good as our defense or as bad as our offense has looked. I like Bulger, and think he's entitled to more time, but wouldn't mind seeing Frerotte (sp?) if Marc looks the same after game 5, but at the same time, have to laugh at the "he's got to get rid of it sooner" whines.


I'm quite certain, if someone's open, he'll throw it. I'm not knowledgeable enough to analyse this, but why don't our (supposedly) elite receivers EVER get ant REAL separation fron the secondary?

I guesss it's back to the O-line. I get pissed EVERY time I watch the Pats. Flippin' Brady always has ALL DAY to find someone (seems like to me, anyway).

And kudos to (Barry, I think it was), who noted the lack of penalties called against the *****. I wondered about that as well when I looked at the box scores this morning.

And finally, please...no more "other than that one (those two) play(s), our D played great"

Great d's are great 'cuz they do not allow those to happen. JMO>

Cheers all, and Oh, BTW, am heading to Phoenix next week to visit my Dad, and maybe try to get into the game.