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    Re: Believe it or not, i think we will win this week

    I think we CAN win if:

    We get basic professional competence and focus from the players and coordinators .

    We don't give it away. Philly played well & we got outplayed & outcoached but really many unforced errors mentally and physically.

    I half-expected to see SJ run the ball back to his own endzone after he lost his helmet. At least he had getting clocked in the conk as an excuse. What was everybody else smoking?

    But Philly didn't win the Superbowl by beating us so thoroughly nor did our team plane crash on the way home so calling our home opener against an injury-depleted Giants team who didn't look that great in their own first game seems both a hard and harsh call.

    Harder to call than the results of a Fakhir pee test, in fact, until we see how The Eagles play Dallas & we get through a game without such a mountain of foolish mistakes, panic attacks, or losing other key players, & can actually assess our team's football skills instead of wondering if our coaches are idiots or if our players don't care or both.

    Beyond that, we can win if:

    We run SJ early & often and stay with it. Feed the beast !

    None of this pulling guards & backwards pass fandango; just up the gut & off-tackle. Even if it means a few 3 & outs early on, it'll get SJ fired up, settle the line down and Bulger, for that matter.

    I've always thought MB's greatest asset was his smarts; give the guy a chance to see what's going on in the NY secondary a few times without worrying about impending death or dismemberment & he'll start finding the spots even in the face of the blitz.

    Our D can hold up for the first half with team speed on turf.

    Gang tackling.

    Bump n' run man coverage.

    Assume the only sacks will be coverage sacks.Don't give Burress the chance to find soft spots in zone coverage or we'll see Chavous getting bowled heinie-over-helmet repeatedly.

    Play them straight-up in general. I'll take getting beaten on a great catch or even a PI over those deflating embarrassments last week, whatever the reason. Haz is an ex-linebacker, not a chaos theoretician. The whole plan seemed over-baked to me.

    Special teams play helps us win the field position battle & keep it close. Another good job by the coverage unit ( I give them a mulligan on the long return) would be spiffy but I'd give Bennett's whole foot for a Dante Dazzler.

    We won't win if:

    Our coaches are idiots and our players are careless ,both emotionally & in terms of execution.

    The bit players don't do their jobs. Kreider was brought in to block. It'll be a long bitter day in Ram Nation if he & the rest of the RBs, never mind the O-line, can't perform this basic football skill on which so much depends.


    Let's see if McMichael can have a good game now that he's being targeted as a receiver & teams gameplan for it.

    Haz & the DBs don't guess right at least a few times on coverages that call for a split-second decision . Even a broke-ass clock is right twice a day.

    Haz can't find a way to free up Long early &/or Long is even more the quiet rookie @ LDE, if that is the scenario come gametime ?

    Long gets over-used; a lot of Westbrook's yds came on his side in the 2nd half after giving the Philly LOT everything he could handle in the 1st.

    Long doesn't need a sack to get fired up; that much was clear last week but it'll lift the roof off the Ed & do the whole team so much good if he does.

    Did anyone else see that Long was the first Ram down the field to pull Hill up off the turf after he was toasted by Jackson on one of those long plays. He is a leader being born & a desperately needed one, imho.

    If Spoon disappears again, the Giants will eat the clock , and The Rams, alive in the second half.

    Goldberg doesn't prove his new-found "cred" is real.

    Some may call my thoughts "rosy". Maybe so but I think that the color comes from the blood vessels popping in my head to see such underperformance, not Koolaid.

    We will rally around the hot redheaded cheerleader and we will drink as much as necessary.

    Go Rams

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    Re: Believe it or not, i think we will win this week

    1983 - Valvano's N.C. State beats Drexler and Olajuwon's Phi Slamma Jamma

    2000 - Rulon Gardner defeats the "unbeatable" Alexander Karelin

    1969 - The Mets upset the Orioles in the World Series

    1994 - Bottom seeded Denver Nuggets knock off top seeded Supersonics

    1990 - Buster Douglas knocks out the "baddest man on the planet" Mike Tyson

    1985 - Villanova upsets the Ewing led Georgetown Hoyas in the NCAA finals

    1969 - Namath finishes his guarantee by leading the Jets over the Colts in SB-3

    1980 - U.S. 4, USSR 3........DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!

    ANYTHING is possible.

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    Re: Believe it or not, i think we will win this week

    It is possible. I think it was 1958 and the Rams were in last place playing the Johnny Unitas Colts. The Colts were the class of the league and came into the Colosseum and got whacked 32-28. I've been a Ram fan ever since.

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    Re: Believe it or not, i think we will win this week

    Dont forget the giants win in the sb over the pats, and of course, the pats win in sb 36 over the rams.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Believe it or not, i think we will win this week

    To be honest, and I always try to be honest, I think we will lose. BUT I hope that the team actually goes out on the field and puts some heart and effort into the game. If I see another loafing stinker, loaded with false starts I am about ready to write off the season and stop watching my team. I know some will say I am a fair weather fan, and they would be wrong. I have been a fan since the early 70s. Thick and thin, good and bad, I have been there for my team. But right now I do not see this as just a coaching problem. I see too many players loafing (Especially the o-line), and taking no pride in themselves or their team. I have never seen so many players on the Rams doing this all at once.

    I will follow them in the news, and on the site, but if they don't at least put an effort out this Sunday I am not going to torture myself watching them loaf around and get Bulger killed, like they did to Warner.

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    Re: Believe it or not, i think we will win this week

    I know it's only the 2nd game of the season, but this is a really important game for the Rams. Had we lost to the Eagles 27-24, this game wouldn't carry as much weight. This is a character game. We'll see what this team is made of. Even if we lose, if the game is competitive, I will feel better about the remaining season.
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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