Turley placed on IR. More down below.

* Cut were DE Nick Burley, WR Michael Coleman, CB Robert Cromartie, QB Russ Michna, DT Justin Montgomery, CB Corey Yates.

* Also placed on IR was LB Jeremy Lloyd; torn pectoral muscle.

* Rams still have one more to cut by Tuesday to get down to the 65 limit.

I'll add notes in a few minutes...

TURLEY: Martz had a terse conversation with him Saturday. Martz wouldn't disclose the details. When asked about Turley in the news conference, Martz gave a couple of 'yes' and 'no' answers. Asked if Turlery would have a second surgery on his back, Martz said: "I don't know." Later, Martz said, "He was very vague about his plans." Martz said, "I'm very happy with the guys we have."

( I don't think we'll see Turley hanging around Rams Park this season).

OTHER NOTES: Martz said rookie LB Brandon Chillar played "terrific" vs. Redskins and declared that he's the starter (ahead of Polley)...Martz praised LG Chris Dishman, who played the entire game. "He was a physical force inside. A road grader in the running game," ... Martz said LT Grant Williams had his best game, and he also praised RT Scott Tercero...Martz raved about RB Steven Jackson but says Jackson still makes too many mental errors in pass protection. "He has no idea," Martz said. "And we're using the same game plan every week. Just wait until we throw that first (regular season) game plan at him. It will be a culture shock for him," ... no sign of Big O Pace. His party last night at The Kastle was a success. Most of the team went and stayed late...no practice tomorrow; perhaps Pace will wander in on Monday...Martz really likes the QB, Michna, and don't be surprised if he's placed on the practice squad.