--What Am I Missing Here?--Questions About Spags Coaching Choices

I want the guy to hire his staff and then we'll see what they do. That's how they'll be judged... when the bullets start flying. Not now.

BTW, I was talking to a Philadelphia sportswriter today at the Super Bowl, a guy who covers the team (Bob Brookover). He told me unsolicited that Shurmur is a very smart guy who will do a terrific job. He thinks he's the smartest guy on the Eagles staff and is ready to take the next jump.

I'm good with that.

Who the heck did you expect Spags to hire, anyway?

--Criticism of Steve Loney retained as O-line coach

You folks are unbelievable.

Sacks - down in 2008.

Yards per carry - up in 2008, even with Jackson being out.

I made fun of the Loney hiring before last season.

He was a better coach than I thought he'd be.

And the response to him among players was very good.

Again, I don't get into typecasting. Some of you folks think this is a movie or something, and you're looking for some handsome new actor to take the role to make you feel better.

--What Am I Missing Here? Questions About Spags Coaching Choices

You mean like Linehan hiring Haslett as DC in 2006?

Or bringing in Saunders as OC before 2008?

How did those experienced coordinators do?

What about Vermeil hiring a QBs coach who had never been an offensive coordinator before? That happened before the 1999 season. That worked out OK.