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    The Bernie bits

    Rams fans are definitely spoiled.
    At least the carping ones are.
    And the lazy ones who make blanket generalizations such as "Martz isn't a head coach."

    I can't say this is true of all Rams fans, but there's no question in my mind that Rams fans in general are spoiled.

    I won't deviate from that opinion until I see evidence to the contrary.

    I deal every day with Rams fans, Cardinals fans, Blues fans.

    Blues fans are most loyal. They also get dumped on the most, and that's unfortunate.

    Cardinals fans are the most reasonable and intelligent. They get impatient, but I understand why, because the team hasn't been to a World Series since 1987.

    And of the three groups, Rams fans are the least appreciative of success their team has had in recent years. And they are also the least intelligent. Many show little perspective of the effects of the NFL salary cap system, and many are completely oblivious to the past futility of NFL football in our town. And they make absurd statements such as "Martz isn't a head coach," or "Martz has ruined the franchise."

    It's perfectly acceptable to point out the flaws in Martz's coaching....or to offer the opinion that you think they should have won more in the playoffs. Those opinons have merit. But he hasn't ruined the franchise, and a .672 winning percentage indicates to me that he is a head coach. In fact he wins more than most head coaches, even with his flaws.

    I am not trying to offend anyone. But when called out on my "spoiled" comment, I feel compelled to explain. And as someone who receives a tremendous volume of feedback from fans, I believe I'm able to have a unique view of the mentality demonstrated by each group.



    I think Ryan/Martz is a pretty good analogy.
    Martz keeps a cooler head (believe it or not) and that helps him.
    He's probably better at organizational politics, too.

    I know one thing....Martz will have a chance to convert some critics this season. As of right now, I don't think this is a very good team.

    Let's see what he can do with it.



    Nutten: I don't expect much. He's been away for a year. He's not in football shape (too light). He's had injuries. I hope I'm wrong. He's a tough guy, which is a plus. Dishman looks good. He's dropped 20 pounds and needs to drop another 15-20. Nasty player. Gets after it. Pace is the LT. Williams has a slight edge over Tercero at RT but that could change; martz loves Tercero.

    Rams don't have an enforcer. Maybe that's one of the problems.

    Hargrove is back to DE. it was dumb to move him inside. No plans to pursue a CB or DT. Obviously, they'll scan players placed on waivers.



    That Rams team had very good success in LA overall....a drought at the end, for sure. But really good runs under Allen and Knox. And those explosive teams in the 1950s.

    The move to STL aside -- I know it pains LA fans -- the franchise has given fans many reasons to smile through the years. Even with the postseason failures.



    I think this is a nice touch. A classy move.
    Rams will honor Don Coryell before kickoff.
    Appropriate given his success here in the mid-70s, but also because of the tremendous influence he had on both coaches in this game, Joe Gibbs and Mike Martz.

    I really believe Coryell should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, because he had such an incredible influence on modern offensive football. His impact is still running strong. Coryell's football descendants are everywhere.


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    Re: The Bernie bits

    I remember the 90's too much to be spoiled. Plus I live in Niner country and being around these fans keeps me on level ground.

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