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    Bernie Bytes: Bradford Rookie QB Comparison

    Bernie Bytes: Bradford rookie QB comparison

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010 11:30 am

    Good morning ...


    * Through eight games of his rookie season, Rams QB Sam Bradford compares favorably with other prominent QBs in their rookie years. I took a look at how some of the more notable QBs did in their first eight NFL start games and put the numbers next to Bradford's. In some cases it wasn't an ideal match because Bradford has started eight consecutive games; some of these guys started, were benched, then reinserted as a starter. I didn't include quarterbacks who sat on the bench for a year or two until getting a chance to start. It's more pertinent to look at the guys who, like Sam, started right away.

    Sam Bradford: 4-4 record, 58.6% completions, 11 TDs, 8 INT, 75.9 rating.

    Now, let's go through the list:

    Peyton Manning: 1-7 record, 55.1%, 11-16 TD/INT, 64.5 rating.

    Eli Manning: (7 games): 1-6 record, 48.9%, 6-9 TD/INT, 55.2 rating.

    Troy Aikman: 0-8 record, 51.2%, 8-13 TD/INT, 59.0 rating.

    Mark Sanchez: 4-4 record, 58.6%, 8-10 TD/INT, 67.6 rating.

    Matt Ryan: 5-3 record, 58.6%, 9-5 TD/INT, 85.4 rating.

    Joe Flacco: 5-3 record, 61.8%, 5-7 TD/INT, 75.6 rating.

    Matthew Stafford: 2-6 record, 55.2%, 11-14 TD/INT, 66.9 rating.

    John Elway: 2-6 record, 45.2%, 2-9 TD/INT, 43.8 rating.

    Ben Roethlisberger: 8-0 record, 69.8%, 10-4 TD/INT, 104.1 rating.

    Dan Marino: 6-2 record, 57.6%, 16-4 TD/INT, 98.0 rating.

    Some notes: Some context is required; guys like Marino, Roethlisberger, Flacco and others joined established winners or contenders; they weren't taking over a 1-15 team ... it's helpful to look at receivers, too. I won't bore you with a complete list, but we'll just point out that in his rookie season Peyton Manning was throwing to Marvin Harrison in Harrison's third NFL season. Peyton also had Marshall Faulk catching a ton of passes. Roethlisberger had Hines Ward in place. Matt Ryan had the underrated Roddy White, who caught 88 passes, 7 for TDs, in Ryan's rookie season for ATL. Marino was firing to Mark Duper, Nat Moore, Mark Clayton, etc. Flacco's rookie-season targets included Derrick Mason and Todd Heap. Eli Manning had Amani Toomer, Ike Hilliard, Jeremy Shockey, Tiki Barber. Bradford has had to deal with injuries and instability among his receivers this season. Big difference.

    Moving on ...

    * Randy Moss: The Rams are weighing the pros and the cons of putting in a waiver claim for the tempestuous wide receiver. I'm thinking the negatives will have more weight than the positives. And I do generally agree with the theory presented by Post-Dispatch football writer Jim Thomas, who thinks Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo will listen closely to his friend, Childress, if they have a conversation over Moss. (And why wouldn't Spags call Childress to get a report?) But I'd be a phony if I tried to pretend I knew what the Rams will do. As I wrote yesterday, there are many reasons to bypass Moss, and there are many reasons to take a shot on him.

    * I'm laughing at the notion that Moss was fired because of his rudeness as a food critic. Are people really that naive? Do you really think the Vikings let him Moss because he went on a Gordon Ramsay rant? Please. That's hysterical. Moss was fired because (A) he slobbered all over New England coach Bill Belichick after the Vikings lost to the Patriots on Sunday; (B) he slobbered all over Tom Brady after the Vikings lost to the Patriots; (C) he expressed how much he missed being a Patriot; (D) he criticized Childress after the loss, by second-guessing the coach's decision to go for a TD on fourth down during the game, a call that backfired. Childress obviously believed Moss was being disloyal to him and the Vikings. Which is fine. That's a good reason to turn on a player. The food-tantrum spin was put out there to provide cover, because fans and media would naturally feel sorry for a restaurant owner who was chastised by Moss. No one feels sorry for Childress.

    * Related thought: what Moss did to the restaurant owner was horrible. But you know what? The restaurant will likely experience a boom in business, because the dude who owns the place is making the media rounds and getting all sorts of love and support. I'm assuming the tables will be full, and that's great. In the end, Moss will have made a lot of money for the place. I hope so.

    * Percy Harvin before Moss, three games: targeted 20 times, 12 catches, 8.8 yards per reception, 1 TD, 6 first downs, 0 catches of 25+ yards.

    * Percy Harvin, with Moss, four games: targeted 32 times, 19 catches, 15.1 yards per reception, 2 TDs, 12 first downs, 3 catches of 25+ yards.

    * Wes Welker, with Moss, four games: targeted 34 times, 26 catches, 8.3-yard average, 3 TDs, 15 first downs.

    * Wes Welker, without Moss, three games: targeted 22 times, 14 catches, 7.3-yard average, 0 TDs and 6 first downs.

    Thanks for reading ...


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    Re: Bernie Bytes: Bradford Rookie QB Comparison

    I said similar about Moss and the restaurant tale yesterday. You don't bin someone who's cost you a packet and a third round pick, just because they've slated a restaurant owner. Glad Bernie's pointing that out too as it's too easy for people to think Moss shouldn't have been given the boot for that alone (and to then use that as a reason to justify signing him).

    Three hours and counting ;o)

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    Re: Bernie Bytes: Bradford Rookie QB Comparison

    The Rams will go for him, why because it's 8 games and they can suspend him for conduct they feel detrimental to the team. What that does is hurt his stock on the free agent market and make it look like hes hard to get along with. Secondly I don't think Randy really wanted to go back to the vikings in the first place. NO one is talking about that. The rams have nothing to loose. You can't have that type of talent fall into your lap and not take a chance.

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    Re: Bernie Bytes: Bradford Rookie QB Comparison

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    Re: Bernie Bytes: Bradford Rookie QB Comparison

    On pace to break Attempts and Completions record for a rookie QB, currently held by Peyton Manning.

    Outside shot of breaking Yardage record for a rookie QB, currently held by Peyton Manning.

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    Re: Bernie Bytes: Bradford Rookie QB Comparison

    How did those Aikman and Elway kids ever make it in this league?

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