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I honestly don't find this a knee jerk reaction. I truly like Sam Bradford. And I think anyone that labels him as a "bust" or a guy who stinks is out of their mind. But I DO feel that there is call for criticism regarding his pocket presence and resulting bad decisions/throws. I don't know about you, but I don't just expect Sam Bradford to be a game manager, I expect Sam Bradford to be regarded as a GAME CHANGER and a top ten QB in this league based on his pedigree and where he was drafted. Certainly this will not happen overnight. But I expect the 140 yard, zero TD skittish in the pocket performances to be the rare exception this regular season.
I am patiently waiting for the top pick of the 2010 draft to stand up and make something happen. Buy some time step up...I saw romo do it and quinn had him dead to rights....result, 20 yard catch for the girls. The line is sad so step up be the playmaker you need to be. Waiting.

And i think Bernie has it this time too.