I'm stunned anyone thinks we took shots down field. John Lynch was practically begging them to run a go route in the second half, and it was never run. And when there are three WRs and three DBs, the problem isn't the WRs getting coverage. I'm sorry, but the play calling in the second half was atrocious.

Bernie is right about something else here too -- why can't we figure out how to run a run misdirection play? For whatever reason, our draws and counters don't work. We saw McFadden get at least three pitches *away* from the line of scrimmage that went for plus yardage, a play I don't recall seeing the Rams use ever in the last two years.

Last year the excuse for this stuff was Bulger. We replaced him. We also pin some blame on the WRs. We got Clayton, who is at least a legitimate WRs. I realize we're still thin on talent, but still...when do we stop making excuses and simply say Shurmur is overmatched?