Couldn't agree more with the praise directed at Chip Rosenbloom.

This guy has told me all along that he wants to win, and he wants to honor his parents' legacy by building a proud franchise. It is especially important for young CR to keep his father's memory and legacy going; Chip really believes his dad has been something of a forgotten or overlooked figure in NFL history and I believe he's right about that. CR the elder was a great owner, one of the very best ever.

And as I wrote way back in September, even though the young CR is a softspoken guy, a genuinely polite and sensitive man, he also has some of his old man's fire and toughness. He wants to win. There should be no doubts now. He removed Zyggy, allowed Shaw to finally retire (for the most part) put a football man in charge, and has landed one of the top coaching candidates of this offseason.

CR promised a new beginning for the franchise and he's done his best to deliver.

And he's owned the freaking franchise for less than a year.

At this point I don't know how anyone could complain about him.

Chris Palmer would work. That sounds like a legit candidate.

Haslett was very interested in him as the OC next year if Haslett would have gotten the job here.