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    Bernie: Keeping Bruce was the right thing to do

    Bernie Bits: Keeping Bruce was the right thing to do
    By Bernie Miklasz
    Friday, Mar. 10 2006

    Twins right, ace right, 999, halfback balloon.

    The play that changed NFL football forever in St. Louis.

    The incredible play that produced the winning touchdown in Super Bowl XXXIV.

    With the score tied at 16-16 and the weary Rams running low on oxygen,
    quarterback Kurt Warner and Isaac Bruce connected on a
    73-yard TD pass that gave "The Greatest Show on Turf" a championship-winning

    The tough-minded Warner was smacked hard as he released the pass, so the ball
    hung up a bit. Bruce adjusted on his "go" route down the right side, slowed,
    and turned back for the pass. Bruce outfoxed a Tennessee defender, scampered
    away, and crossed the goal line with 1 minute, 54 seconds remaining.

    It was the greatest offensive play in the history of NFL football in St. Louis.

    And it was one of the many reasons Isaac Bruce will always be special in this

    Bruce is the leading receiver in Rams history in receptions, yards and history.
    He's the last of the original STL Rams, having moved here with the team from
    SoCal in 1995.

    But Isaac Bruce is much more than that.

    Bruce is a wonderful person who sets the right example for his teammates -
    especially the young wideouts who see how hard he works to perfect his craft.
    He has been a tremendous influence on Torry Holt, Az-Zahir
    Hakim, Kevin Curtis, Dane Looker and Shaun
    McDonald. Bruce's relentless competitive streak is something that every
    team needs.

    And at age 33, Bruce can still play. He averaged 14.6 yards a catch last
    season, his highest rate since 2001. He's still an important part of this
    franchise. And Bruce will be a valuable locker-room presence for new head coach
    Scott Linehan.

    The Rams did the right thing in arranging a satisfactory deal for Bruce, so he
    could stay with the only franchise he has ever known.

    If any player was meant to spend his entire career in a Rams uniform, it's No.

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    Re: Bernie: Keeping Bruce was the right thing to do

    Nick I just love your photo!!!just great, its what Bruce is all about

    "The breakfast Club"

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    Wink Re: Bernie: Keeping Bruce was the right thing to do

    I could not agree more. The very first memory I have of Rev. Ike was when he blocked a punt on special teams in his rookie year.

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    Re: Bernie: Keeping Bruce was the right thing to do

    Am I being nitpicky to point out that a columnist with any courage at all would have written a column like this before Bruce was resigned, rather than after.


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