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    Bernie: Little update and Linehan Mon statement

    Little Press Conference

    DE Leonard Little

    November 5, 2007

    (On his visit with the doctor)

    “Obviously it didn’t go very well. We pretty much knew what he was going to say anyways. We tried to give it two weeks for it to heal back up but it never responded like it’s supposed to.”

    (On him having trouble even putting a shoe on)

    “Yeah I can’t wear shoes for a long period of time. It really bothers me to wear shoes. It was a deal where the doctor said it couldn’t heal on its own and it wasn’t going to feel any better if I did try to come back and play. He said that there is no way that it will feel any better than it does now so I had to make the decision to do something else.”

    (On if it is an injury where he can’t take pain killers before the game)

    “That didn’t work. I had it shot up and also took pain killers and it still didn’t work.”

    (On if he has tried to run on it or do anything else)

    “I really can’t. It hurts to walk around so there is no way in the world I can even consider going out and try to play football with something I cant walk around with. That’s how it feels right now.”

    (On what kind of injury it is)

    "If it was a sprain, believe me I would still be playing; if it was turf toe I would still be playing but it is something much more severe than that. I tore a ligament on the side of my foot where my toe and my foot connect. It is a lot more severe than a sprained toe or turf toe or anything like that.”

    (On if surgery is the best option at this point)

    “Yeah that really is the only option. It isn’t the type of injury where it will heal on its own. If that was the case then it should have felt a lot better by now. Surgery is the only way to repair the ligament and it feels like an MCL in a knee where it will repair itself but its not.”

    (On if there is a date set for surgery)

    “Not yet.”

    (On if he thinks he is done for the season)

    “I don’t know but if I am, it would be one of the hardest things I’ve been through in football in a long time. I have had injuries in the past but I was always able to overcome them, but this time it is something that I can’t overcome. If I am (done) then I will just come back and be a better player anyways.”

    (On if it hurts all the time or when he puts pressure on it)

    “It hurts period. It hurts, I’m not going to sit here and say that it doesn’t because it does. I have to get it fixed that’s the only way to make it any better.”

    (On if it would be easier to take if it was a knee as opposed to being out due to a toe injury)

    “Well you are talking about something that you put a lot of pressure on. With me, I deal with 300 pound guys all the time so that is a lot to deal with on one joint in your foot. If anybody said that it couldn’t put you out, it certainly can. I use my feet a lot. I made my career by running. With this injury I can’t run, I can’t push off and I can’t do the things that I normally do. When I can’t do that, it makes me an average player so that’s the way it is.”

    (On if it is double the frustration by not being able to help his team get out of this hole)

    “It is because I have been around here a long time. I know how close we are to winning some games but it is going to be real hard if I’m not able to play. I’m just going to hopefully get the surgery done and get back as soon as I can.”

    (On how long the rehab is post surgery)

    “Rehab is like four to six months. Like I said it is a more severe injury. I don’t have a ligament on the side of my foot.”


    Linehan's Monday Press Conference from Bernie

    (Opening Remarks)

    “We had one transaction today. We signed S Hanik Mulligan. He was a free agent. This season he was released by Arizona and was on Arizona’s roster last. We brought him in at the beginning of the year. The main reason (for his addition) is depth in the secondary, but for special teams. He was a very good special teams player. We were a little short at numbers at our four and five spot on our kickoff coverage. He could really give us a boost on our coverage teams. With that we released Bhawoh Jue based on the position we were looking for on special teams.”

    (On if the Rams are still looking for players on the offensive line)

    “One of the plans was to look at some of the practice squad rosters other than ours. We looked at a couple of options there. The likelihood is we will probably elevate (center) Dustin Fry by the end of the week. I still have to wait and see how Richie’s (Incognito) surgery goes which is planned for tomorrow.”

    (On DE Leonard Little)

    “I met with Leonard today. It doesn’t look real promising. It hasn’t progressed a whole lot. It’s still very painful. He has a hard time getting his shoe on. By tomorrow we’ll make a final decision on that. It doesn’t look real good right now.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson)

    “Steven looks good. He feels a lot better. I think having some time off and being able to calm that down a little bit was real good for him. He did some conditioning today. We’ll start him back in and do some light work on Wednesday.”

    (On if he expects Jackson to play on Sunday at New Orleans)

    “Yes we do.”

    (On C Brett Romberg)

    “He did some light running today. We’ll give it a go with him on a limited basis on Wednesday.”

    (On if he will wait on G Richie Incognito’s surgery before making a decision)

    “He has an appointment today. Dr. (James) Andrews is doing the surgery. He was unavailable to do it at the end of last week. He had commitments. He scheduled it for today. We’re looking at a four to six week recovery. It kind of depends. If it’s more towards the sixth week we’ll be more inclined to have him be a possible IR (injured/reserve) candidate. If he can get back sooner than that then we will consider keeping him on the roster for the last three or four games.”

    (On WR Dante Hall)

    “He’s feeling better. He’s running. Again, it’s just seeing how he does on Wednesday more than anything. Most of those guys didn’t do anything today other than some conditioning.”

    (On if they worked on the game plan in practice)

    “We did game plan. We got a lot of our game plan in for this game, so we worked primarily those things. We did work some against each other and we’ll continue to do a little more competitive work – ones-on-ones in certain drills as we’re preparing ourselves for games.”

    (On being refreshed after the bye week and looking at the second half of the season as a separate, eight-game season)

    “Yeah, that’s our approach. It hasn’t changed. I think everybody definitely has a new focus and it has to be the only way we look at it. There’s no other way. I think a few guys feel a lot better than they did before we took the break and that will definitely help, too.”

    (On if he watched any of Sunday’s games)

    “I watched the one that I think everybody else watched (New England at Indianapolis). That was one of the better games I’ve seen in a long time…both teams are clicking on all cylinders. It’s amazing that it ended up the way it did. I wouldn’t have thought when it was a two score game…I thought it might be over, especially how Indy was playing on defense. You have to give New England credit. They’ve put together a pretty good team over there.”

    (On Patriots WR Randy Moss, who he coached in Minnesota as offensive coordinator from 2002-2004)

    “Randy changes games and does so by making plays. He was a great fit for them. He’s doing a nice job of making those kinds of spectacular plays – the jumps balls, he had another one-handed catch I noticed yesterday. Randy’s really going to end up being one of the best receivers to ever play this game, he just doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring, so I’m sure that’s what his goal was going to New England; He was hoping that would happen.”

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    Re: Bernie: Little update and Linehan Mon statement

    Does anyone else see it as a bad sign that Linehan has not promoted Dustin Fry from the practice squad yet? I mean they are pulling guys off the street to block for their 60 million dollar investment, but haven't really considering using the guy they spent a 5th round pick on?

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    Re: Bernie: Little update and Linehan Mon statement

    Quote Originally Posted by moloch41 View Post
    Does anyone else see it as a bad sign that Linehan has not promoted Dustin Fry from the practice squad yet? I mean they are pulling guys off the street to block for their 60 million dollar investment, but haven't really considering using the guy they spent a 5th round pick on?
    Could be he sucks...

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