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    ***Bernie: Martz & Fletcher comments?***

    Bernie is a sports beat writer for the *St. Louis Dispatch* and also covers the Rams...

    ***bernie's press box

    Name: BernieM
    Date: 03/25/2002
    Time: 12:52:50 PM

    Subject: Bernie: Martz & Fletcher comments?

    1. Fletcher's comments were idiotic. Good riddance. A good player. At times a very good player. But a huge's always about London. He's first. Everyone else is second. And they'd be crazy to overpay him when Duncan basically performs at the same level. And is a much more consistent person in terms of professionalism and interaction with teammates.

    2. What Martz said bothers me. He comes off as a petulant child, insisting that his approach was correct. I hope he can round himself out, maturity wise. I'd hate to see this team squander another opportunity next season because the coach can't contain his ego.


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    Sometimes confidence is mistaken for a "big ego". And there's a fine line between the two.


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    ZOLTAN Guest
    I think Fletcher grew up this year and it's a shame he's gone. He went through that little period where he was trying to start a fight on about every play. But one of the defensive coaches must have gotten through to him because he started hitting more before the whistle than after. Thanks for the memories, London.:angryram: :angryram:

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    Comma, comma down, dooby do wop down, comma, comma down dooby do wop down, breaking up is haaard to do!

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    huntdux Guest
    I agree, Fletch showed a lot on improvement in his attitude this year, but his showboating was often detrimental to the team. It was also an indication of his self-serving "look-at-me" attitude. Everything I've read says Jamie is his equal stopping the run, and a better pass defender. (He was a starter for Tampa Bay's defense, he can't be too bad.) If Fletch wants to cry that he wasn't loved by the team, let him. He's forgotten that it was the Rams that gave him a chance as an undrafted free-agent. I think that entitled the Rams to expect some love in return

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    Well,Williams is the spiritual leader on defense,but I wonder who will step up and fill London's shoes as the emotional leader.Duncan is somewhat soft-spoken,but I think he will play great for us.Could Arch or Polley step up and take over as the spark plug for the Swarm?What do you all think?

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    Wistrom is no slouch when it comes to showing emotional leadership!


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