There's a lot to agree with here but a lot that I don't.

We could take a lot out of the Eagles and Giants games but next to nothing out of the Ravens game. The Ravens game was so horrifically bad that articles such as this were guaranteed in the aftermath. I don't believe that one game makes Smith a 'bust', although I would say that he's been disappointing in view of his draft position and undoubted athletic ability. I don't believe that one game makes the current Rams regime a 'bust' either, having appointed a coach we all have faith in (albeit to a lesser extent but imagime what it would be like if Linehan was still here) and drafted Laurinaitis, Bradford, Kendricks and Saffold.

Our opening season schedule was/is brutal and whilst it was discounted by some, its very nature meant that momentum of any sort was going to be hard to come by. Now, the Rams staff have to dig themselves out of a very deep hole, whatever kind of credit they managed to take out of the first two games was wiped out by the appalling nature of the loss to Baltimore.

We're not as good as we hoped to be but we're not as bad as we fear we are. The back seven of the defense have to start playing and the offense has to stop shooting itself in the foot.

We can beat Washington, we have to beat Washington.