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    Re: Bernie: Rams Need To Show Some Fortitude And Draft Bradford

    If Bradford is the man they take, they better be damn sure of it. If not a trade down would suffice, but unlikely?
    Picking the wrong QB at 1 overall would set the team back 4 years?
    Bradford's throwing motion and ball flight, coupled with the speed and velocity on his passes, show a man comfortable throwing the ball about to his teammates.
    Cant be sure with the two DT's, can see potential, but not as much as Bradford. Being QB is way more influential position to play on a team, and is the Rams most important need?

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    Re: Bernie: Rams Need To Show Some Fortitude And Draft Bradford

    Quote Originally Posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
    he's worthy of the top pick. Especially for a team that does not have a quarterback
    I guess the Rams won't pick Bradford then, because we're a team that currently has 3 quarterbacks.

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    Re: Bernie: Rams Need To Show Some Fortitude And Draft Bradford

    Quote Originally Posted by theodus69 View Post
    Any chance there's an openning in Detroit for Bernie?
    God no... I forgot how silly he writes.. detroit and michigan have enough problems lol... you guys atleast have all the beer!

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    Re: Bernie: Rams Need To Show Some Fortitude And Draft Bradford

    Quote Originally Posted by Scidog68 View Post
    ...I understand the quandry we are in, but... I would grade Suh higher and pull the trigger on him as soon as the clock starts ticking. IMHO, of course.

    To be honest, since we have the 1st pick, isn't the clock is already ticking? There are only a couple of reasons not to start negotiating a deal with our 1st pick. 1) We want to see if Bradford is A-Ok before we make a choice. 2) We want to see what kinds of deals we can make for the #1 pick. 3) (I hope this isn't the case) We really can't decide which way to go with the pick.

    Personally, I really like Suh. I don't think we have the weapons or line to help Bradford become successful. He might just turnout to be a geat NFL QB. But on our team? With our talent? Not likely at this point in time. We need so much. Is it really the right time to P/U a QB that isn't an Elway, or Manning? If Bradford was that type of pick, I'd be right there with taking him 1st. He just isn't. Not even the "experts" can agree on who the #1 QB in the draft is, or if a QB should be taken 1st at all.

    Like Bulger, or not, we all know we need to find his replacement. I just don't want to get a rookie killed behind our line, and with our receivers.

    Bernie, if my choices are taking a chance on drafting a guy at QB who MIGHT be good, and might be able to start in a year or two, or drafting a guy who, at worst, will help plug up a very leaky run defense, but could turn out to be a very dominating lineman RIGHT NOW, I'll take the guy who can make a difference today.
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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    Re: Bernie: Rams Need To Show Some Fortitude And Draft Bradford

    I love the point about this league being a passin league. That is one of the main reasons I am pulling for the Rams to pick up bradford as opposed to Suh. We need a franchise guy for the long term. Also, I think our d line has a lot of potential with Adeneyju and Long. I think d line is the last thing we should be worried about on our team right now

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    Re: Bernie: Rams Need To Show Some Fortitude And Draft Bradford

    Having read Bernie's article and some of the follow-ups on his message board, this is what I have gleaned. Bernie is not saying that nobody in their right mind should favor Suh over Bradford. He is saying that nobody should favor Suh because they fear Bradford (as a QB or a player with an injury history) has a high likelihood of being a bust.

    My response to that is... A MORON SAYS WHAT?!?!?!?!

    How can anyone parse out the inherent risks of taking a player with an injury history or taking a QB when making this assessment? Those are entirely legitimate variables in the equation.

    For example, right now, I favor Suh.

    That said, if an independent doctor told me that his shoulder has no greater likelihood of injury than a shoulder that has never been operated on, and an objective and knowledgeable scout tells me that he throws like a franchise QB, I would likely change my position and favor Bradford.

    Does that make me a "chicken little." No, it makes me an informed consumer.

    Also, don't overlook the "out" Bernie has left himself. If he sees in the week before the draft that Suh is likely to be the choice, he'll write an article urging the Rams to take the DT (not because they should fear taking Bradford, but because Suh is the better player) so he can later claim credit for the pick. You can take that one to the bank.

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