Post Subject: Negative leaks about DV

No one ever leaked anything bad about Dick Vermeil.

That's fiction.

What happened was John Shaw asked him to make some changes after 1998 and he did.

Because he needed to.

Unless you loved those 1997 and 1998 teams, of course.

And I reported on the Shaw / Vermeil meeting after 1998.

About Martz and Vermeil....just to refresh your memory -- because people continue to perpetuate myths and spread lies about his retirement for some unknown reason -- but I wrote a column late in the 1999 season saying it wouldn't surprise me if Vermeil retired. Who was the source of that column? A fellow named Dick Vermeil. He planted the idea, that he was thinking about it retiring, and I wrote it.

Nobody at Rams Park was spinning pro-Martz or anti-Vermeil at the time.

And if someone tells you that was happening it's an unmitigated lie.



Americans love conspiracy theories.

In the Vermeil case, if they believe the nonsense, they're idiots.

Yeah, the Rams forced him out.

Sure they did.

That was after agreeing to guaranteed contract extensions to his assistant coaches at a total of $10 million.

I know if I was running a team and wanted to force a coach out, the first thing I'd do is spend $10 million on his assistants. That's right. I'd make sure to flush that $10 million down the toilet first.

That makes a lot of sense.


DV has said many times that he really made a mistake in making up his mind to retire immediately after the Super Bowl. He was exhausted and in the mood to get away from everything and it wasn't the time to make such an important decision. Because once he got some peace and some rest, he was ready to coach again.

I think it would have helped Martz to have a year in waiting under DV, but I guess we'll never know. That 2000 Rams defense was so awful, I think DV would have struggled emotionally, because he puts his heart into it so much. Might have been a bad situation for both of them. We'll never know.



Post subject: What is Samir Suleiman's role in the organization?


He's basically Jay Zygmunt Jr.

Not trying to be flippant; Samir is Jay's guy and assistant.

This stuff is so out of control ... and I repeat what I said in the column from 2-3 weeks ago...

To me this isn't about whether we as fans and media people like or dislike Martz or do or do not want him to be the head coach of the Rams.

It's about something much larger than that.

These people who collect a fat paycheck to sit in a comfortable office -- away from the fire and the heat that often surrounds any NFL head coach who stands in the public spotlight -- should support the head coach and do whatever they can to help him win games. Period.

Instead, out there they've all tried to gang up on Martz in one form or another, and it's just flat-out wrong.



Hadley has been good for Martz.

Some people may laugh at that, but I am convinced that it's true.

Here's why: Hadley is fighting some of these internal battles on Martz's behalf. He's trying to shield Martz from this nonsense.

And that's good for Martz.

He needs to focus entirely on football.



Everyone wants to be the boss.

Everyone wants to be King of Rams Park.

It's as simple as that.