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    Bernie Sunday's comments

    Bernie still defending himself:

    Stungun - I'm afraid you've misread me.

    Unfortunately you were also incorrect when you said that I didn't post any negatives.

    Actually what I did was post the War Room report in its entirety, which contained good and bad and whatever else is in there.


    Because that's the service I subscribe to.

    I posted the only two Houston Chronicle stories I could find about him that weren't game stories.

    But in terms of misreading me ... you seem locked on the premise that somehow I'm carrying the Rams water. Which is not only wrong, but it's paranoid.

    I wonder if a water carrier for the Rams - I believe you suggested it was "homerism" - would make fun of the team for their man crush for Chris Long, or reveal the details that I have this week, specifically that Long was 4th on their board. If my intention was to do PR for the Rams, then apparently I failed.

    (Though I must say I do like Chris Long).

    I guess as the water carrier I dropped the bucket when I questioned in the Sunday column the Rams' logic behind spending millions of dollars on scouting, only to disregard the conclusions of the effort at the end.

    I really flubbed my Rams PR job when I infuriated most of the people in the upstairs offices by divulging that Dorsey was their No. 1 graded player.

    But I understand.

    If a person doesn't like the Avery pick...

    And Bernie declines to raise a leg on the pick..

    Conclusion: Bernie is a homer.

    Could it be that I want to give the Avery pick the benefit of the doubt based on homework and also talking to one of the most honorable men I know - Henry Ellard?

    Instead of joining up with the wolfpack that's attacking the Avery pick just because Mel Kiper expressed surprise (or whatever) I decided to look into the reasons as to why the kid was drafted. And from what I found - it doesn't quite reach the level of the 1986 Cardinals taking Anthony Bell with the sixth overall pick, or the 1985 Cardinals taking Scott Bergold on the second round.

    But of course - by at least trying to bring some balance to the overwhelming hysteria of negativity that comprised the instant reaction to the pick, it means I'm in the tank for the team.



    When I see a pick trashed for no valid reason, it prompts me to explore, because I am suspicious brings the public defender out in me. My sense of fair play. I hate to see idyits lining up to condemn some guy just because ESPN was caught off guard.

    Seems to me - after researching the pick and this player after the fact - that the clues were there... And that Avery would be taken higher than expected.

    (And I made a one dollar bet with Jim Thomas that I lost. After I posted the stories that I found in the Houston paper, I told him the first response would be someone passing moral judgment on Avery because he fathered a child at an early age, and without being married. Even though he's provided for the child, and appears to be a father who cares, and even though he stuck it out and got a college degree, and even though if you look around the nation, this is something that happens way too often in the culture. Probably has happened in a lot of families. It has happened in mine. But I also see that these situations, while regrettable, also serve as a bit of a character test, after the fact. Does the father own up to the responsibility? Or does the father run away? Anyway - I was wrong .. the predictable stone throwing did not occur in the first response, as I predicted. Came later. I lose the buck.)

    As I've said multiple times today - I really don't know if Avery will be a good or great player. But what I do know is this - he has some impressive measurables, and he was productive in college, and he fits the team's scheme and need for vertical speed and ability to get yards after the catch.

    So I'm willing to wait and see if this is a good fit that will work well for the player and the Rams. There's enough there that gives me some optimism. And I also know that it's crazy to trash a pick before we see what the guy does. So if my refusal to whizz on the Rams and the kid and make borderline mentally diminished comparisons to Clyde Duncan and Trung Canidate makes me a homer, so be it. If I'm a cheerleader for pointing out that Devaney wasn't running the drafts when previous busts were taken by the Rams - well, sorry for introducing an absolute fact to the discussion.

    How many times must we learn the No. 1 lesson of draft day: no success or failure of a pick is determined at the moment of selection. My God, the Hall of Fame is filled with guys who came into this league with low expectations. And the NFL boneyard is filled with hyped players who didn't live up to the draft-day rave reviews.

    Watch them play.

    Then see if it was a good or bad pick.

    Sorry for the lengthy post.

    Now I must get some sleep so I make sure to arise on time to wash Devaney's car.

    (Wink, wink).

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Selective reading.

    But thanks, Mark, also, for the kind words too.

    Still -- you didn't mention the part where I wrote that it was impossible to dislike Chris Long, and I cited the reasons why - and listed his qualities.

    Didn't mention the part where I said he'd be a very good player, or hopefully a great player.

    Didn't mention the part where I said it's always good to bring impressive character into the organization (I forget how I exactly phrased it).

    Didn't mention the positive things I said.

    But I thought the emphasis on Long's personality by Rams' people was interesting, and also funny. As I said in the column I've never heard to football people fawn over a pick like this before. It was unusual in my experience. So I had some fun with it. A lot of it was intended to me mirthful. My fault if it didn't pull it off.

    I'm glad Chris is a Ram. I just wish they would have talked more about the football stuff instead of the personality. The intangibles will only carry you so far in the NFL.

    Also, let me correct my friends here about what I relayed later in the week ... Thursday night, I updated from Rams Park and said there was a strong pocket for support for Long, and I began to downgrade the Dorsey pct - though I still thought they were leaning Dorsey. (Based on their grade and the number of people in the organization who wanted Dorsey). But it started to shift even more on Friday. So Friday night on FSN, when asked I said they were leaning Long. Saturday in the Bits, I said it was too close to call, which it was late Friday, but if they kept the pick, the slight edge would go to Long.

    I report as a story evolves - when new information surfaces, I update. I can't force readers to keep up.



    Long is a popular pick with the fans. I'm not against him and said all along I was fine with Dorsey or Long. (Dorsey the preference, but not a big deal).

    Sometimes if I go against the grain (based on what I believe) it doesn't entirely mesh with the prevailing public sentiment. Which comes across as negative. But other times when I go against the larger public sentiment, I'm on the positive end. (Like writing and saying before the season that the Cardinals would be better than expected).

    Anyway, let's hope the Rams find some good players ib rounds 3-7 ...


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    Re: Bernie Sunday's comments

    I don't think the issue is the person. I think most people feel that we could have gotten him in a later round. That is of course speculation but I think pretty good speculation. Now we will just wait and see.

    I read on one blog where the guy said now watch they will pick the 12 best tackle in the draft with there third pick. Bingo!

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    Re: Bernie Sunday's comments

    For me it was not the fact we could get him later because we just don't know that. It was we had the pick of the lot and his name came up. After looking into all the issues with this class and the player the Rams FO feels fits our needs, I'm fine with it. Shows me the Rams are looking for players that will play great for us. Sure someone we passed on might play great for someone else, but thats not what matters. How would he fit it with our needs. Avery is what we needed speed,deep ball,RAC,KR, home run hitter.

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