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    Seahawks_Troll Guest

    Best of Luck

    First off, I would like to give my condolences on the passing of Georgia Frontiere. She will be sorely missed in the NFL. I would also like to mourn the loss of Josh Brown from the Seahawks to the Rams. You folks got yourself one high caliber kicker, but from playing the Hawks twice a year; you already knew that. Mr. Brown will be greatly missed in the Pacific Northwest and personally I don’t think I will ever forget those 4 last second game winners in one season. He will be a tough kicker to replace in our history as a franchise.

    Growing up, I’ve always respected the Rams because (before realignment) I always considered them the Seahawks of the NFC. They were a team (like us) that got no respect from the rest of the League and it always seemed like pulling teeth to lure the proper free agents to town. Until the advent of “The Greatest Show on Turf” that is. Still to this day, I think that was one of my most favorite Super Bowls to watch and I was pulling for the Rams to win it the entire time. What a fun team to watch. I wish the Rams the best in the seasons to come except when they play the Hawks. J

    Also, hope that Raonall Smith works out to be a good fit at linebacker for you. I knew him for a couple years in High School and played ball with him back in the day and he was always a nice guy that good things should happen for. I wish him the best of luck as he definitely deserves it. Looking forward to the upcoming season and here is to the best rivalry in the NFC West!



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    Re: Best of Luck

    hello ST, nice post.

    I must say its nice that josh is rated so highly by his own fans, shows he is good.

    I hear what you say when you compare the rams and the hawks.

    I dont mind the hawks as much as some, yeah we gotta beat ya, but its not like you are the niners.

    Hopefully this year it will be a closer NFC west.

    The best of luck when you play the niners next year.
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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Best of Luck

    Thanks pal , nice post . still like the HAWKS helmets . and ya we hate to loose to ya , but i would rather than loose to the 40WHINERS .

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    Re: Best of Luck

    We always welcome class from any team here, even the whiners :P, I personally grew up with the seahawks coming into their own and them having beat us a lot, I started to dislike them a lot! It is great to hear this from a seahawk fan though, and thanks for joining. This is a great board for anyone to come in and talk some football.
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    Re: Best of Luck

    I have to 2nd the part about "class." Although it is definitely turning into a rivalry, it is one that I most definitely enjoy. My best friend is a tried and true Seahawks fan and I sat through, witnessed, and felt his pain during Superbowl XL. I like to see the NFC west being represented, so long as it isn't red and gold. We love to poke jabs at each other regarding team moves, and he is definitely disturbed by Brown signing, just as I was a couple of years back when it came to Wistrom. Good luck to you in this upcoming year and I hope to repay a few last second heart stoppages from the recent past.

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    Re: Best of Luck

    nice post S.T.

    is good to have civil communications with rival fans.sometimes...

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    Ramer Guest

    Re: Best of Luck

    Good post Seahawks_Troll. I was really happy we signed Brown. Good luck with your Hawks this coming season.

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    Re: Best of Luck

    Hey Troll, welcome to ClanRam and thanks for your post. Lookin' forward to some good hawk vs. ram games this season...

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    Re: Best of Luck

    Indeed, welcome Troll and good luck to you guys. Darn good extension for Tatupu, I'll be sad to have to face him until at least 2015. Despite hating him for being a Hawk and a trojan before that, I have great respect for him(and he holds down the middle for me in Madden too).

    Hopefully Brown can keep hitting those last second winners.

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