It is that time of year again when we collectively scratch our heads wondering what has yet to be discussed about the Rams. For the sake of discussion and hopefully a little arguing I pose the following question to you.

We all know that it is an indisputable fact that the Rams have the best helmet logo in all of football . While the horns have enjoyed being at the top their entire existence, what has been ignored or overlooked or at minimum glossed over is the name “Rams” itself.

As you can see the synonyms for Ram or Rams describes NFL Football.

Driving or forcing something by impact
Strike or drive against with a heavy impact
Force into physically
Undergo damage or destruction on impact

Certainly there is no other football team name that can come close to describing the state of the gridiron as does the Rams. Given the evidence above surely like the Horns, the name Rams is indisputably the best name in the game which unfortunately puts us Ram fans alone at the top. Quite frankly it gets boring without a challenge from other team fans on these extremely important off season issues of best name and best logo. So since there is no other football team name that can come close to the name "Rams" and there is no logo that can compare with the "Horns" it gives us no choice but to compare the name "Rams" with the helmet logo "Horns". Obviously like Love and Marriage you cannot have one without the other. Scratch that. Well you get the point. For the sake of discussion at the top of the football world, which is better the Name or The Horns?