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    The Limey Guest

    Beware of the cats

    I'm a little bit nervous about this Sunday's game against the Panthers.
    With Carolina in a 1-6 hole, all the signs point to a blow-out in St. Louis.
    What I want to know is, how many are we allowed to beat them by without being dubbed "unsporting."
    Is 20 okay? Or is that just rubbing it in and making people ashamed to be Rams fans.
    Should we just be sporting and let them win for the sake of parity, like they did twice last season.
    Mike Martz should make a mental note not to call any onside kicks. Or field goals. Or play-actions. After all, it's a bit unfair to make the other team think you're going to run it and then pass the ball instead. That's almost cheating.
    Or maybe, just maybe, we should just try and win by as big a margin as possible and avoid last year's mid-season slump.
    Crazy idea, I know, but it would be nice to think Martz could go all out for the win each week without the media, and even the Rams' own fans, describing his play-calling as arrogant and unsporting.
    We all saw what happened when the Rams took their foot off the pedal against the Saints last week and it wasn't pretty.
    So let's rack up 30 or 40 points, without mercy, against the Panthers and get our bid for homefield advantage in the Play-offs back on track.
    We spent years being the whipping boys for better teams - now it's our turn to rack up the points.
    Rams by 30 - I hope.

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    Yhis has been spoken about a great deal on both sides of the puddle.

    I feel that if the Rams are in a position to win the game and if they are fortunate enough to blow them out ........ WE BLOW THEM OUT.

    I dont remember the whiners ever taking their foot of the gas peddle and who was their coach

    just kill them baby :rolleyes: :mask: :wiseman:

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    Talking Go for it!

    No problem Limey, let's do it! I agree, Rams deserve it, are obviously capable of it and ought to go for it!

    It may be seen as taking advantage of the scratched and limping Panthers right now, but it would be a great feeling to realize the Rams' TRUE potential on both sides of the ball.
    Panther hunt is on! GO RAMS!!! :evil:

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    AJD45 Guest

    Thumbs up Pour it on...

    The offense needs to make a statement that our 1 loss was an 8 turnover fluke, and that we are still the greatest show on earth. I say we should start a new streak of games where we score 40 or more points, beginning with hanging at least 50 up Sunday.

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    Where we ended up with a bye week this year, the real season for the Rams starts Sunday. Everyone is a potential Super Bowl breaker from now until the end of the season as far as I am concerned. Everyone gets "MaxQ"

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