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    Re: Billick fired by Ravens... OC?

    Quote Originally Posted by RedArcher7 View Post
    His biggest issue was never having a quarterback. He had a good offensive line, good running backs, Lewis and even Chester Taylor. He has a probowl caliber tight end. He got a little thin at receiver, but picked up a couple good ones towards the end. He just doesn't know quarterbacks. Lucky for him there's one here.

    You have to think of the salary cap too. You can't maintain the best defense and expect an offense to match.
    I could be mistaken but didn't he also have Priest Holmes?

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    Re: Billick fired by Ravens... OC?

    As been pointed out earlier, he had nine seasons to figure out the offense (much less the QB position) and never did get it right. He may have been a good OC earlier in his career but that ship has sailed.

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