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Thread: Billy Devaney on the Danny Amendola phenomenon

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    Billy Devaney on the Danny Amendola phenomenon

    by: VanRam

    I'd be derelict in my duties if I didn't pass along something St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney said about first team All-Scrappy WR Danny Amendola.

    Amendola is kind of a phenomenon on two different levels. For Rams fans, he represents new beginnings. Poached from the Eagles practice squad, not too far removed from his national media debut on "Hard Knocks" with the Dallas Cowboys, Amendola instantly gave the sagging Rams a morale boost. First returning punts and kicks, then showing his chops as a receiver.

    Nationally, Amendola's Horatio Alger story piques the interest of writers everywhere, especially now that he's poised for big things in a developing offense. Wes Welker comparisons don't hurt either.

    Asked how the Rams found Amendola, Devaney explained that the Rams pro scout at the time, Mike Williams, was the one advocating for the Rams to sign Amendola. Not just suggesting it, pressing for it tenaciously. Appropriate given Amendola defines tenacity.
    Devaney's current assessment of Amendola:
    And we thought he'd be kind of a role guy as a receiver and really help us in the return game. What we didn't know about Danny at the time was his work ethic and his preparation and his heart. The guy may be the hardest-working guy on our team. He's made himself into a really, really good wideout.
    This one's for you VT.
    As for the Combine, I have tons of download to drop on you. From yesterday alone I have more than 30 interviews recorded, almost exclusively with prospects that should/could be on the Rams' radar. We'll be rolling that out through the days and weeks ahead as we delve head-first into the draft.

    Rams scout makes a splash at the Combine

    Most of the news from the 2011 Combine revolves around the players. But the St. Louis Rams made a splash here last night.

    Rams scout Luke Driscoll was arrested last night, caught in the process of taking a leak on the side of a building in downtown Indianapolis.

    Not content with "live streaming" Driscoll also took the opportunity to show a female police office something that wasn't included in the, er, scouting reports. Now he has a public nudity charge to go with it.

    Driscoll has worked for the Rams for 11 seasons and a scout for the last 6 years. Probably won't be working there much longer, depending on the other three pillars.
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    Re: Billy Devaney on the Danny Amendola phenomenon

    Luke...the irony is unbelievable.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Billy Devaney on the Danny Amendola phenomenon

    the 4 pillars is sacred ... you cant just go and show one of your pillars to police officers.

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    Re: Billy Devaney on the Danny Amendola phenomenon

    I know when you gotta go, you gotta go, but surely an NFL scout working for an NFL team can get access to a little boys room somewhere in Indy. He probably could have survived the street corner wizzing, but showing his junk to a female cop and getting charged with public exposure is going to seal his fate. Hope Luke has a good 401K, 'cause he's going to need it, now.

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    Re: Billy Devaney on the Danny Amendola phenomenon

    Luke Driscoll = Whos Next!

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    Re: Billy Devaney on the Danny Amendola phenomenon

    We have all done something a little stupid from time to time. I dont care who you are. Getting caught having a slash is one thing, but too then flash yourself to a female officer to boot, is just plain irresponsible.
    I do not know the details, but this sounds like the actions of a drunk having a bit of a laugh. Too think he is a Rams scout of 6 years does not give me huge confidence in his abilities to be responsible in his job?

    Danny gives the Rams so much more than just production on the field. He will be a lot better when Sam gets some more help at receiver and the run game improves. I think we will be hearing a lot more of this little slot receiver for years to come. He is 4 pillars through and through.
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    Re: Billy Devaney on the Danny Amendola phenomenon

    Danny Amendola is a guy who's easy to root for. He represents the little guy in a profession full of larger,multi-talented receivers. He overachieves. His work ethic is outstanding. He's survived after being waived by other teams. All good teams have a guy like Amendola- maybe not a receiver, but a player who represents the intangibles not found on a stat sheet. That he's been as productive as he's been is a tribute to both him and the scouting department. He is not a true feature receiver- and has a chance to do even better things when the Rams upgrade the talent around him and defenses can't key on him.

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    Re: Billy Devaney on the Danny Amendola phenomenon

    Hmm. Maybe after he was done wizzing, the female police officer called him out, and he was so surprised, he turned around without pulling up his pants, therefore that could have been that nudity charge.

    Anyways, Danny Amendola is a warrior.

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