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    I didn't expect Linehan to be able to fire this team up.

    I didn't expect Haslett to be aggressive or confuse the Eagles with any of his lameazz schemes

    I DID expect a better performance by the offense and definately better offensive playcalling by Saunders. Some of those offensive playcalls left me scratching my head- I probably looked as stupid and confused as Haslett did all game.


    Can someone tell me why Burton didn't see more playing time when Bennett went down? Why are we wasting time with Dante Hall at WR? He's not even a decent Punt Returner anymore.


    Did anyone notice Quinton Culbertson getting up and doing a dance after making a tackle 3 yds downfield and the scoreboard reading 38-3?

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    Re: Blah

    Yeah Molach I did notice that,that's why I commented in the chatroom that I didn't think we really had anything to celebrate.
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood

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