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    I'm of the opinion that one simple adjustment on defense would have an immediate impact on our team. One that could and should be implemented this Sunday and perhaps for the rest of the season. I think we need to begin blitzing aggressively! I think that would get our defense fired up again where they need to be. We all know we need to start tackling better, quit the stupid penalties and do something different on special teams. But, those aren't easily corrected. You never know if you have those corrected until you are actually in the matter how much you work on it. But, blitzing aggressively is something you can do NOW that hopefully could have an immediate impact. Any thoughts on that? Anyone...anyone?

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    Re: Blitzing

    I love to see aggressive blitzing

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    Re: Blitzing

    Why does that not surprise me, UtterBlitz. :king:
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