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Thread: Bonus Bytes: ***** appear to be a little uptight

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    Bonus Bytes: ***** appear to be a little uptight

    By Bernie Miklasz

    The San Francisco ***** apparently are feeling some heat over their 1-2 start. It's always interesting to see how players handle things when adversity hits.

    The roiling ***** will be in St. Louis for Thursday night's game against the Rams. Not that player interviews are a significant barometer — or any measure at all, really — but ***** quarterback Colin Kaepernick seemed to be a little stressed out (or something) during an abrupt conference call with the STL media.

    It's pretty funny ... clearly the dude had no interest in doing this. Which leads to an obvious question: Why bother?

    Anyway, here's the transcript, with the questions in bold type:

    (Is it part of the ***** game plan to keep him in the pocket more this season?)
    CK: "It’s just part of the game plan that we’re going through right now."

    (Would he rather run the ball than stay in the pocket?)

    CK: "I’ll do whatever this team needs me to do to win."

    (Does he ever think about how far he’s come since he played the Rams last season?)

    CK: "No, I just think about moving forward."

    (What have you seen from the Rams defense and how do you plan to attack it?)

    CK: "They’re a great defense. They play hard. They play fast. We have to come prepared."

    (What was different in their losses over the last two weeks compared to their win against Green Bay in Week 1?)

    CK: "We didn’t play well the last two games."

    (Have you noticed a difference in the way that defenses have played you to keep you in the pocket?)

    CK: "A little bit, but it’s more our execution than anything."

    (Why were the Rams able to have success against them last year?)

    "Because we didn’t execute."

    (How important is this game with both teams coming in 1-2 on the season?)

    CK: "Yeah, I think we want to win every game.”

    (What's the attitude of the team right now?)

    CK: "We have to win, that’s all we’re worried about."

    Great stuff. Thanks for the terrific insight.

    Rams QB Sam Bradford is probably just as frustrated and ticked off ... but on the inside.

    Bradford apparently is capable of checking down on his temper instead of letting it go.

    On a somewhat serious note, I can understand why Kaepernick is in a bad mood. His team is 1-2 and has been embarrassed in successive weeks by Seattle and Indianapolis.

    The Seahawks and Colts outscored the 'Niners, 56-10.

    Kaepernick has struggled this season, with more INTs than touchdowns and a passer rating of 72.4.

    In the two losses, Kaepernick completed 26 of 55 passes (47.3 pct.) with no touchdowns, four INTs and a passer rating of 32.2.

    That included a passer rating of 24.2 on third down.

    Things have changed, eh?

    Last season Kaepernick had many highly aroused media pundits breathlessly inducting him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame based on seven regular-season starts and three postseason starts.

    There's been a little interruption on the road to Canton.

    (Kaepernick ought to cheer up, at least a little: Thursday he'll be working against a Rams defense that's been nuked for 911 yards passing, a 71 percent completion rate, 7 touchdowns and a 114.7 passer rating in three games. If Kaepernick can't light up this group, then maybe he really does have some issues.)

    Football is a tough game.

    A humbling game.

    Players have to prove themselves every week ... and have to play at a high level for many years to achieve greatness. But based on only 10 games last season, Kaepernick was propped up as the next immortal superstar quarterback. He has a lot of talent and can definitely become a great one. But he's also dealing with the first blast of fame, and that's never easy. Among other things, Kaepernick got all snarly with ***** fans who didn't like seeing him sporting a Miami Dolphins cap in an offseason photo.

    This serves as a healthy reminder: we live in a Short Attention Span culture. It's probably best to let a career play out for, oh, more than a dozen games before rushing in to make a young QB sound like a combination of John Unitas, John Elway and Brett Favre.

    Thursday night, the Rams will have to take on an angry quarterback who is struggling to live up to last year's premature hype. They'll be facing a riled up San Francisco team that apparently is mad as hell and not interested in taking it anymore. They're going up against a ***** team that's stewing in off-the-field turmoil (Aldon Smith) and in-house dissension (Frank Gore.) They'll be running into a volcanic coach.

    After Sunday's dizzy debacle in Dallas, the Rams ought to be crazed to redeem themselves as well.

    That's the setup for Thursday: two desperate teams... two grim-faced coaches ... short-week preparation... physical and emotional wounds that haven't had time to heal ... and a national-cable showcase on the NFL Network.

    This game should be a lot of fun.

    This one won't be for the faint of heart.

    In granting a few minutes to the STL media Tuesday, San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh tried to be a little more helpful than his quarterback. But he didn't have all that much to say, either, though he did manage to put together one four-sentence answer.

    Much appreciated, Coach.

    Thanks for reading ...

    — Bernie

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    Re: Bonus Bytes: ***** appear to be a little uptight

    Colin Kaepernick asked why he favorites critical tweets.... dude looks pissed.

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    Re: Bonus Bytes: ***** appear to be a little uptight

    He is now the 26th or so rated passer in the league. Besides vehemently rooting for the Rams, my passion for the implosion of the **** is right behind my team allegiance
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