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    A bore

    Just about every week I sit and listen to Linehan press conferences and after this week I have come to the conclusion that he is BORING as hell. There is no emotion. No straight answers. And no plan. Where is the fire in these coaches? And why does everything have to be so political and proper. Everyone is so worried about their job.

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    Re: A bore

    our last guy was a bit different and he would up at odds with management. I think linehan is trying to behave like the anti-martz and sounds politically correct in the extreme. I agree he seems to lack charisma when speaking publicly, but to me, if his style works, i have no criticism. I am more concerned with our record and beating seattle this week.

    Its an interesting point that jason raises, coaches certainly dont dwell in the temple of truth when dealing with the public, but i am not sure that they should. Why should they share valuable proprietary information. Some problems are best left dealt with behind the closed doors of the locker room.

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    Re: A bore

    Jason, if it's lively press conferences with fire and emotion you're looking for, Denny Green should be available next year.

    Look, some guys are just not demonstrative. Like Bulger, Linehan is more the cerebral, low key type, which works for me. Besides, if he's going to go off on his team, I'd just as soon he do it in-house. The public scenes and airing of dirty laundry we had to endure in the past are something I'm happy to be without.

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    Re: A bore

    That's what I don't get. Linehan has been very demonstrative in the past, but lately, seemed "resigned" to the fact that this team isn't going to contend. Maybe Bulger is effecting him? (That was a joke Bulger fans)


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