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    Bradshaw on Rams Win ...

    Rams' win proves anyone can beat anyone
    by Terry Bradshaw

    The biggest story of the day is that we don't have a dominant team. Maybe it's the Giants, but we all thought it was going to be the Cowboys and they lost pretty ugly in Arizona. The Cowboys had too many penalties and made too many dumb mistakes.

    Before the games began, we were all loving the Redskins and what a shocker, losing to the Rams like that. I mean, they won two division games on the road and then come home and play a team that hasn't won a game. I mean, are you kidding me?

    A team like Washington we found out can't afford to have a lapse. I think Jim Zorn now understands that anybody can get beat in this league. Everybody can beat everybody.

    The one sure thing so far has been the defending champs, the New York Giants. I guess I can say they have been a dominant team thus far. I hope by me saying that, they don't lose to Cleveland on Monday night.

    To me, the Cowboys are in trouble. They've lost their swagger and have to be wondering. Green Bay is too beat up, I think, to really make a run. The Saints are still the most explosive and fun team to watch right now. Drew Brees has been lights out this season.

    But right now, it's hard to get a real feel for this league. I think we will know more in another month. Everything is so wacky. But the New York Giants are looking like a real deal.

    The Redskins really were over-confident. Now, I tell you it's a product of everybody back in Washington probably telling those players how great they are. It's a product of the players thinking they are a great team. The players had to be thinking that they don't have to give their best effort against a winless team like the Rams. And what you find out is that you have to bring it week in and week out.

    There's no reason for the Rams to beat the Redskins. I mean, there is no excuse for that. Turnovers killed them. They hadn't turned the ball over all season on offense, and Sunday they had three turnovers.

    I realize this is difficult for the players to grasp. But when I played, we had great leaders on the Steelers and our coach, Chuck Noll, was someone who drove us good and hard all the time. He always kept us focused. He was a coach who said these guys will beat your butt if you don't work and do this and that. We always knew when we had an inferior opponent on Sunday because practice that week was hell.

    Noll was a tremendous coach at maintaining our focus that if we don't play our best, we can be beaten. If we play our best, we dominate. The Redskins need to learn that. I'm telling you, they are going to look back on the season and say, 'Gee, we could have been 5-1.' They really messed up a great chance, and now let's see what they do now.

    It's like taking a book and you have all the blank pages in the binder. Now, the Redskins still have to write their story. We just don't know how it's going to turn out. The trouble with some teams is that they write the first chapter or two and then all of sudden they want to skip to the end of the book. Players and coaches have to understand that they have to go page by page, chapter by chapter, idea by idea, and too many of these players want to skip all the way to end. You can't do that. The season is a learning process.

    FOX Sports on MSN - NFL - Rams' win proves anyone can beat anyone
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    Re: Bradshaw on Rams Win ...

    the skins are shocked i wonder how different the fans felt leaving the stadium opposed to when they first walked in expecting a 5 td blowout win LOL makes this win even sweeter L E T S G O R A M Z
    Torry Holt Dont play that

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    Re: Bradshaw on Rams Win ...

    In a league where the difference between the worst team and the best team as far as talent goes is realy very small, it all comes down to attitude. The Rams were hungry, they wanted to prove something and they did. Haslett has brought a whole new attitude to this team, what coach gets in an opposing players face on the sidelines and then gives him a shove to send him on his way! That was the most awesome thing I have ever seen on a pro football field and the team responded. Did anyone notice how excited Bulger was running down the field after the Avery catch? Did you ever think you would have seen that 3 weeks ago? This team is by no means Super Bowl caliber but at least they have some swagger about them that should make the rest of the season entertaining.

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    Re: Bradshaw on Rams Win ...

    The Rams finally played 4 quarters, somthing we have'nt seen yet this year, a bit ugly at times but still a win,,Lets Go Ram's.

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    Re: Bradshaw on Rams Win ...

    terry Bradshaw in an idiot. And he still can't get jillian!!!!!!

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    Re: Bradshaw on Rams Win ...

    Quote Originally Posted by bjjones2455 View Post
    The Rams finally played 4 quarters, somthing we have'nt seen yet this year, a bit ugly at times but still a win,,Lets Go Ram's.
    More like something we haven't seen since the end of 2006! None of the three wins of last year were anything close to as great yesterday's was. Not the stop the bleeding win over the Saints, none of them. Yesterday was a classic, classic win.

    GO RAMS!

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    Re: Bradshaw on Rams Win ...

    Persoanlly, I think bradshaw lost his mind the same time he lost his hair, so I pay him little attention

    Fact is the Rams Earned the victory. It wasn't a fluke victory.

    Perhaps the Skins did play the 1st half sleep walking, but going into half time, the score on the board and noticing how dogged the Rams where playing, awoke the Skins up for the second half. In threory, they ought to have come out in the 2nd and routed the Rams.

    Still the Rams stood tall and kept it close where by Brown put a period on the contest. If the Rams where that woeful and the Skins that good, the skins ought to have turned it around and walked off with a win with room to spare. It didnt happen.

    Its a EARNED victory regardless of what sports analysizers and "EXPERTS" say. It wasn't a game the Skins too loose, but it was a game for the Rams to win

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    Re: Bradshaw on Rams Win ...

    Haha. this is rather funny. The Rams are a whole new team. I said that before the game and I was right. This team is hungry to show the world that so far this season and last season were flukes. This is the Rams and they are a really hungry team.

    However, we need to improve still. Nothing is perfect for us and we still need to work.

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    Re: Bradshaw on Rams Win ...

    I hope by me saying that, they don't lose to Cleveland on Monday night.

    Bradshaw has never liked the Rams, even when the team had premium talent. I am also tempted to do something I rarely do, agree with a Dallas Cowboy. I am not sure how Terry would spell "cat" if you spotted him the C and the A.

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